• Podline Tensioners

    The guideline tensioner and the podline tensioner are passive and similar in-line tensioners that are often supplied as one combined project package. The podline tensioner offers a higher capacity of 12 metric tons max line pull versus 7.5 metric tons.


    Our podline tensioners maintain a near-constant tension in the two support wires clamped to hydraulic podlines on floating drilling rigs. The podlines control the subsea blow-out preventer (BOP) at shallow to midwater depths. Kept taut, the wires are protected from breakage by rig motion, upholding reliable command lines to the BOP. Our proven podline tensioner consists of two parallel wireline tensioner units, two idler sheaves, two telescopic guide arms, and a hydraulic control stand for the guide arms. The two tensioners and a guideline tensioner share the control stand.


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