• Guideline Tensioner (GLT)

    The guideline and podline tensioners are passive and similar in-line tensioners. Often supplied as one combined project package, the main difference is the higher capacity of the podline tensioner, with 12 metric tons max line pull compared to 7.5 metric tons.


    Our guideline tensioners maintain near-constant tension in guidelines used for lowering equipment to the seabed template from floating drilling rigs. The tensioners keep guidelines taut during the most severe rig motion conditions and protect them from breakage caused by over tension. Installed around the moonpool, the tensioner units include four parallel wireline tensioner units, idler sheaves, four telescopic guide arms, and a hydraulic control stand for the guide arms. Each tensioner consists of an air control cabinet, working air pressure vessel (PV), air/fluid accumulator, anti-recoil valve, and a downward-stroking plunger cylinder. After installation and adjustments, the cylinder extends to mid-stroke by pressurizing the working PV from external standby PVs. The wire maintains tension during the ocean motion.

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