• Pipe Doper System

    Pipe Doper System is designed for easy washing and dope application of drill pipe threads and collar threads.


    The system is designed for easy adoption on various applications such as iron roughneck(ARN/MPT), HydraRacker or freestanding.

    The pipe doper system includes:

    • Doper supply cabinet
    • Doper tool

    Doper Supply Cabinet:
    The Pipe Doper Supply Cabinet supplies the doper with dope and water enabling proper doping of pipe connection.

    The Pipe Doper Supply Cabinet is a closed, heated cabinet containing a high-pressure dope unit to fit standard dope buckets and a high-pressure water unit for washing. Fluids used in the doping procedure are; fresh water, dope, instrument air and optional glycol supply.

    Doper Tool:
    The doper tool is run onto the joint & performs the washing and doping and enable joint prepared for make up or storage.