• HydraTong MPT-270

    The HydraTong™ multi-purpose tong concept ensures safe and effective make-up of drill pipe, collars and casing.


    The modular design allows tool frames to be interchanged to run drill pipe or various casing sizes. Casing tong tool frames are optional.

    Rail span for standard configuration is suitable for 65½” rotary table. As an option, a wider rail span is available for rotary tables up to 75”. Rails can be flush-mounted to avoid tripping hazards.

    The MPT-270 includes the latest Torque Wrench design, which allows 60° rotation which ensures efficiency during make and brake of single drill pipes and stands.

    Better and more accurate torque is ensured due to optimized  triple grip design providing less box deformation and control of the torque parameters. 

    The torque wrench is self-centering with a flexible suspension system, eliminating alignment problems.

    By considering service life time and maintenance availability, the Torque Wrench design has a robust construction, low part count and minimized need of lubrication by utilizing the latest bearing technology.

    Together with available options as pipe doper and mud bucket, it is possible to obtain smooth and effective pipe connection sequences in an automated drilling system.


    • Triple grip torque wrench with 60° rotation
    • High torque self-aligning spinning wrench
    • High accuracy control possibilities
    • Robust and maintenance optimized torque wrench
    • Dual elevators for spinner and torque wrench
    • Cogged drive rollers
    • Deluge water spray for spinning rollers
    • Sensors for anti-collision system
    • ATEX certification
    • CE marked (optional)
    • Mud bucket (optional
    • Pin end doper (optional)
    • Portable control unit; radio or cable (optional)
    • Bit breaker (optional)
    • Turntable for offline mousehole operations (optional)
    • Casing  tong frames for  2 3/8” to 25” Casing (optional)
    • Torque Turn System, Casing Joint Analysis (optional)
    • Stabbing Guide (optional)
    • Tool Joint Finder (optional)


    • Service: Make up / Break out of Drill pipe, Collars and Casing (optional)
    • Design code / Standard: NS3472, FEM
    • Area classification: IEC Zone 1
    • Minimum operating temperature: -20°C 
    • Environment: Harsh
    • Minimum hydraulic flow rate: 300 l/min
    • Minimum working pressure: 200 bar
    • Maximum operating pressure: 210 bar
    • Normal operating pressure: 207 bar
    • Total weight including Tool Frame: 6950 kg
    • Pipe range: 3½ to 9¾ in.
    • Minimum / Maximum stick up: 675 / 1875 mm   (Stroke: 1190 mm )
    • Make up torque, up to: 270 000 Nm [200,000 ft-lbs]
    • Break out torque, up to: 270 000 Nm [200,000 ft-lbs]
    • Spinner static stalling torque (dry pipe): 4700 Nm (based  on 5 ½” drill pipe)
    • Spinner speed: 0-100 rpm
    • Spinner elevation: 1000 mm