• AR3200 Automated Iron Roughneck

    Our Automated Iron Roughneck™, the AR3200 is an industry standard for a reliable make-up and break-out system for drill string connections.


    The AR3200 adds value to any rig's operation by improving crew safety, by ensuring protection to drill pipe threads, and by providing reliable make-up torque to drilling connections.



  • Gateless torque wrench
  • Unparalleled make-up repeatability
  • Spinning wrench automatically counter-rotates to seat threads, then safely spins-in
  • Economy of rig floor space- no hanging tools
  • Enhances crew safety- hands off pipe
  • Specifications

    Weight 12,100 lbs (5,680 kg)
    Four-Roller Spinning WrenchSSW-50
     Size Range3 1/2" drill pipe
    9 3/4" drill collars
     Spin Torque2,000 ft-lbs (2,710 Nm)
    Gateless Torque WrenchTW-102
     Size Range3 1/2" drill pipe
    9 3/4" drill pipe
     Make-up Torque100,000 ft-lbs (135,580 Nm)
     Break-out Torque120,000 ft-lbs (162,700 Nm)
     Tilt angle for moushole make-up3" - 7"
    Hydraulic Power Requirements2,000 psi (135 bar) for torquing up to 8" O.D. drill collars
    2,500 psi (170 bar) for 8 1/4" to 9 3/4" O.D. drill collars
    45 GPM (170 L/min), closed-center system
     Filtration12 micron
     Maximum Oil Temperature180 degrees F (82 degrees C)
    Installation Kits  -Four 10 ft. sections positive-drive cog rails
      -Adapter plate for   37 1/2" or 49 1/2" rotary tables (hinged)
      -Electric and fluid service look kits
      -Derrick interface plate assemblies
      -Control Stations