• MPCH-SERIES Master Bushing

    The 37.1/2" MPCH is a Pin Drive Hinged Master Bushing designed for drilling operations.

    Tool, where applicable, updated in accordance with governing API standards

    • A master bushing located within the rotary table allows the user to insert various insert bowls allowing the user to set various slip configurations to handle drill pipe, casing, and drill collars. NOV’s master bushings are configured to fit various manufactured rotary tables and configurations.
    • The 37.1/2" MPCH is a Pin Drive Hinged Master Bushing specially designed for drilling operations.  With insert bowl No. 3 and optional insert bowls No. 1 and No. 2, the MPCH wil handle 2-3/8" to 13-3/8" OD drill collars, tubing, and casing. 


    • Designed for various applications and drilling operations
    • Pin drive arrangement allows the Kelly Bushing to ride on top of the rotary table and permits extended bowls to permit better slip backup
    • Hinged and/or solid bushing configurations
    • Designed to adapt a Kelly Bushing safety guard

    • Easy insert and removal of bowls
    • Easily accessible and removable from the rotary table