The BHAT Bottom Hole Assembly Tool is a tool designed for easy MU and BO of the bottom hole assembly. It allows the operator to assemble and dis-assemble the bottom hole assembly in a safe way due to built-in safety features.

    Tool, where applicable, updated in accordance with governing API standards

    The maximum rating is 150 sTon / 136 Tonne. The tool has a “no slip” design and will grip all sizes within its range (4" - 6", 6”-10” or 8”-12”) without insert/size change. Throat opening 19,5", allowing 17.1/2" BHA to pass. The maximum back-up torque capacity is 50,000 ft.lbs / 67,791 Nm.

    The minimum required length of any individual clamping surface is 17".



    • The tool has a triple safety built in to prevent dropping objects. First it detects if any pipe is present in the tool. Second it measures if any pressure is set on onto the holding nuts and third it measures if any pressure is applied to the slips.
    • A secondary retention system is provided to hold the pipe should the hydraulic power to the tool be lost. A spindle and lock nut design with hydraulic drive motor will provide full mechanical lock. The tool will continue to hold the pipe even with full loss of hydraulic power (once the tool has provided a positive lock signal). If the answer to all these questions is positive, only then the driller receives the signal "open elevator".
    • The tool has a “no slip” design and will grip all sizes within its range without insert/size change
    • The tool can be placed with an adapter plate on the master bushing and on top of the PS30.
    • With adapter plate the tool can be fitted directly into the 37.1/2” rotary table opening, lowering the overall height of the tool.
    • The tool uses a dedicated hydraulic system via stand alone control panel OR by using the drillers console.
    • The tool is low enough so that a standard iron roughneck can still be driven over the tool to make up the DC connections.


    Technical Specifications

    Weight, dressed [lbs / kg] 6,666 / 3,000
    Pipe Size Capacity [inches] 4" - 6", 6”-10” or 8”-12”
    Maximum Load Rating [sTon / Tonne] 150 / 136
    Throat opening [inches] 19.5" for 17.1/2" BHA to pass.
    Maximum back-up torque capacity [ft.lbs / Nm] 50,000 / 67,791
    Minimum required length of clamping surface [inches] 17"
    Maximum throat opening [inches] 19.5"
    Operating pressure [psi / kPa] 2,000 - 3,500 / 13,789 - 17,236
    Operators Control Electro-hydraulic remote control or manually by foot pedal or hand operated control valve
    Seating PS30 or MPCH pin drive holes and 49.1/2" NATIONAL Rotary Table bore via adapter
    Required hydraulic flow [gpm / lpm] 25 / 94