• Mission Bushing X-tractor

    NOV Mission's Bushing X-tractor can remove the liner bushing in minutes.

    Mission has designed the Bushing X-tractor to provide superior cost-to-benefit value to the contractor.  This conceptual breakthrough is achieved with the help of a hydraulically-actuated cylinder contained in the assembly that pushes against the back of the fluid end module until the bushing is clear of the power frame.  The only tool needed to operate the Bushing X-tractor is a hydraulic hand pump.  Removing the liner bushing conventionally could take hours, with the use of NOV Mission's Bushing X-tractor it can now be accomplished in minutes.


    • By creating a straight and consistent pull of the liner bushing out of the frame bore, Mission's Bushing X-tractor greatly reduces the chance of cocking and improves fluid end maintenance procedures.
    • With the bushing removed, the wear plate and wear plate seal can be inspected and replaced if necessary.  A dreaded task, which used to take hours, can now be accomplished in minutes! 


    NOV Mission's Bushing x-tractor is compatible with

    • OEM style bushing and clamp

    • Mission L bushing and liner nut

    • Blak-JAK bushing and Lok-CEL


    The Bushing X-tractor is now available for National 9P through 14P mud pumps.


    For more information please contact your local National Oilwell Varco representative.