• Hands Free Gooseneck

    Sturdy, Efficient Make-Up


    Our Shaffer Hands Free Gooseneck (HFGN) System provides the ability to eliminate the dangerous and timely manual intervention in the moon pool required to connect the choke/kill, rigid conduit lines, and mud boost drape hoses. We have accomplished this by integrating the hands-free goose neck ring and riser tension ring into our latest modular design. The drape hoses can now be remotely attached as rig personnel will no longer have to work over water, and our system will ensure a simpler, faster connection process.


    • Visual position rod to verify successful stab with the telescopic joint
    • Secondary locking to prevent unintentional un-stabbing of the gooseneck with the telescopic joint
    • API Flange and Hub moon pool hose connections, customizable to customer preference
    • Simple connection process
    • Improved safety
    • No manual intervention required
    • Rotating cartridge assemblies
    • Modular components
    • Quick disconnects to facilitate connection of control hoses
    • Emergency packing element in each cartridge
    • Safety interlocks to prevent unintended operation of the HFGN functions