• Diverter

    Integrated Solutions from the Drill Floor to the BOP Stack


    Our Shaffer 21 ¼ Diverter, which consists of an internal Diverter assembly and Diverter housing, is used to maintain and divert wellbore fluids and gases during your drilling operations. In the case of an emergency, our Diverter has the ability to control low-pressure kicks and to divert dangerous gases away from the rig through overboard valves and piping attached to the Diverter housing.

    The Diverter housing , designed to be mounted to the rig substructure, is provided with various sized flanged outlets. In order to install the Diverter system, we have supplied you with test tool assembly. The diverter system is also supplied with a flex joint assembly, complete with a riser flange adapter which attaches to the inner barrel of the telescopic joint.


    • Few parts, strong construction
    • Rugged, reliable sealing element
    • Steel segments to strengthen rubber sealing element
    • Smooth, dependable action
    • Easy servicing
    • Wears bands to prevent metal-to-metal contact
    • Simple operating requirements