• Low Force Shear Ram


    The LFS is a Shear Ram that enhances the features of NOV's Shaffer Shear family, assuring multiple shear and sealing sequences while hung off in a cavity below the shear ram cavity. No additional force is required to manipulate the fish. This multiple shear and seal capability enhances shear ram reliability and extends the length of BOP stack deployment. The LFS Shear Ram reduces the shear force required by at least 50%. Drill pipe is getting stronger and tougher as we drill deeper. The LFS Shear can cut 5-7/8 - 27 lb/ft without a booster.

    LFS Shear Rams are designed for durability and convenience, and provide the reliable performance that today's BOP equipment demands. The LFS Shear Rams are offered for mid to large bore, high pressure BOPs.


    • Multiple shearing capability
    • Sealing while in hang-off position
    • No added force required to manipulate the fish
    • No seal tearing when opening against the fish
    • Shear today's drill pipe witou the added need of boosters
    • Shear drill pipe with an average of 50% volume of V-type shear
    • Ability to shear highest grades of pipe


    Shearing Capabilities

    • 50% less pressure than V-Shear's

    Temperature Range

    • 28º to 180ºF (-2.2º to +82.2ºC)