• Low Force (LFS-5) Shear Ram

    The next generation in shearing technology LFS-5


    LFS-5 is the latest application of the NOV Low Force Shear technology, now with enhanced shearing performance on high-strength, heavy-weight drill pipe and landing string.

    Through creative engineering, the centering assembly has been eliminated while maintaining pipe centering geometry across the entire width of the wellbore.



    • Shear efficiencies improved by up to 40%
    • Automatically centers pipe by sweeping the entire throughbore to accommodate off-center wire line
    • Centers pipe with 10,000 lbs side pull
    • Designed to shear and seal landing string and work string consecutively
    • Passed API16 A qualification testing
    • Rated ED (30°F to 250°F)
    • Will retrofit to current LFS capable doors
    • Improved seal design with increased cycle life

    Successful Shear and Seal:

    • 6-5/8”, 50ppf, S-135 followed by 5-7/8, 27ppf, S-135
    • 6-5/8”, 57ppf, UD-165 followed by 5-7/8”, 27ppf, S-135
    • 6-5/8”, 64ppf, V-150 followed by 5-7/8”, 27ppf, S-135
    • 7-1/16” x 5-1/2”, VIT, CR-115 followed by 5-7/8”, 27ppf, S-135
    • THRA followed by 5-7/8” 27ppf, S-135
    • 7-5/8”, 54ppf, V-150 followed by 5-7/8”, 27ppf, S-135
    • 10-3/4”, 104ppf, P-110 followed by 10-3/4”, 104ppf, P-110
    • 14”, 115ppf, Q-125 followed by 14”, 115ppf, Q-125

    *All of the above shear and seal tests (and more) were performed using the same set of shear rams

    Shear and Seal Wireline:

    • Schlumberger 7-48A SUS
    • Rochester 7-H-490K
    • Rochester 1-H-314K

    *All with no tension on wireline