• ProCut Sack Cutting Unit

    The new Sack Cutting Unit by National Oilwell Varco is specifically designed to empty different types of sacks with mud additive chemicals.



    The new Sack Cutting Unit by National Oilwell Varco is specifically designed to empty different types of sacks with mud additive chemicals. The unit provides a healthy and ergonomically correct workplace for the operator. The NOV Sack Cutting Unit operates by slitting the sack, separating the contents from the packing, packing the empty sack into a waste bag and feeding the content at the desired rate into the drilling fluid. The design of the Sack Cutting Unit is patented.



    Main Features:
    Complete dust free adding of chemicals from sacks into the drilling fluid
    Meets all relevant offshore requirements regarding health, safety and environment
    Dust free mixing
    Integareted dust filter with “reverse jet cleaning” sends the dust back into the machine and simplifies the HVAC system
    Compact design
    Even and steady material flow secures maximum mixing rates without risk of “fish eyes” and “angel hair” when adding polymers and similar materials
    Certified for operation in hazardous areas
    Built with materials and surface protections designed to withstand the roughest offshore environments
    Field-proven technology



    Design Temperature-10°C - +50°C (14°F - 122°F)
    Maximum Capacity360 sacks/hr
    Dosing Screw Internal Resevoir Capacity0.15m³
    Feed Rate Capacity0.35 - 3.5m³
    Lifting Table Capacity2,000 kg
    Main Motor4.0 kW
    Rotating Drum Motor1.5 kW
    Metering/Dosing Screw Motor1.5 kW
    Lifting Table Motor0.9 kW
    Optional Lifting Screw Motor2.5 kW
    Filter Fan Motor0.9 kW
    Compactor Screw Motor1.5 kW
    Weight, Dry1900 kg
    Please note that the contents of this data sheet may be changed without warning. Drawings and measurements must not be used for construction.


    Filter change warnings with delta pressure measurement gives information about filter capability and indicates when the filter media should be replaced.
    High Level and Low Level switch monitoring the powder level in the machine secures the powder change and provides the operator with information about when to put in more sacks
    Automatic lubrication system prevents damage and shut-downs caused by incorrect lubrication of bearings
    Motor trending and monitoring provides information about run-time and motor current to prevent shut-downs

    Sequence of Normal Operation:
    An electro-hydraulic operated lifting table, taking all normal offshore pallets, is used for elevating the sack to the most ergonomic height; the operator only has to slide the sack onto the table and flip the table up and let the sack slide into the machine
    The machine runs continuously and performs the whole slitting, emptying and feeding sequence, including packing the emptied sack into the waste bag
    The chemicals fall through a sieve into the metering screw beneath the machine
    The metering screw then feeds the chemicals into the Mud Hopper (not part of the Sack Cutting Unit) located nearby the Sack Cutting Unit
    The Sack Cutting Unit can be supplied with optional screw conveyors that can be utilized for transporting/elevating the chemicals into the Mud Hoppers