DORS assists rig personnel in finding and executing the most optimal routing in the drilling fluid process.


    DORS assist in finding and executing the most optimal routing in the process. By automating the process, DORS prevents incorrect routing and avoids interferences between ongoing operations which may lead to costly fluid contamination. The auto-routing feature constantly monitors the state of the plant and responds adaptively to changing conditions. This helps to maximize your uptime by identifying operational errors caused by faulty valves or pumps and automatically re-routing the fluid without disrupting other operations.

    The system is smart, has an intuitive interface, and is easy to monitor.




    • Reduce the risk of contamination
    • Simultaneous operation
    • Reduced risk of operational error
    • Reduced chemical/mud losses
    • Eliminates the risk of pumping over board
    • Maximize uptime
    • Efficient plant usage/capacity



    • Automatic line-up
    • Automatic Transfer
    • Automatic Circulation
    • Animated piping lines
    • Create a fixed set of “favorite” routes/modes
    • Preview your fluid routing path
    • Monitor all parallel systems
    • Integrates with other vessel systems
    • Upgrade your existing NOV Drilling Fluid Control System