• SoftSpeed™ II

    After undergoing extensive field and simulation testing, we have developed SoftSpeed™ II, our latest Top Drive enhancement software created to reduce stick-slip oscillation without injecting additional energy into the drillstring.

    Our software system not only reduces downhole vibration but also allows enhanced weight on bit with less vibration, improved rate of penetration and borehole quality. With our system, you will have capabilities and analytics to automatically detect these stick-slip oscillations, ultimately enhancing drilling efficiency and reducing equipment wear.

    Once activated, the system will continually identify, quantify, and alert your team of any torsional vibrations occur. If stick-slip is indicated, your driller can activate SoftSpeed™ II and utilize auto tuning to provide optimal damping. Optionally, daily reports are sent to the rig and back-office personnel to inform your team of service’s use and performance. SoftSpeed™ II enhances your drilling operations and provides safe, reliable and improved drilling operations in the most extreme conditions. You can rely on our decades of experience and research to provide you with successful results while utilizing our state-of-the-art Top Drive software.




    SoftSpeed II
    (SS-Tier1 Amphion)
    (SS-Tier2 Stand-alone)
    (SS-Tier3 Cyberbase)

    • Automatic stick slip Mitigation software for Top Drive controls
    • Auto tuning function
    • Stick-slip severity indication
    • Accurate Bit/BHA speed estimation

    SoftSpeed II option WITS

    • Provides SoftSpeed parameters like On/Off, stick-slip severity and Bit/BHA speed estimation
    • Enable real-time vibration feedback
    • 1 sec data rate with minimum, maximum, average values
    • WITS0 output (serial communication) via SDI/TD PLC or RigSense/NOVconnect

    SoftSpeed II option: Shell Kit

    For Shell rigs:
    Manuel Shell tuning of stick-slip controller by inputting Cf and Kf parameters from the HMI display (Shell tuning protocol). WITS0 output (hardware module). High speed data logger >100Hz. Sniffing data passively by Profibus DP network (hardware module).

    SoftSpeed II option: Daily reporting

    • Daily reports provide instant snapshot of stick-slip performance
    • Improves decision making
    • 24 hour monitoring detect problems before rig