• Auto Driller Control

    Simplifying an operator’s task reduces the risk of human error, lessens work load and allows you to focus on the entire drilling process.

    Our auto driller controller (ADC) software system provides better payout with enhanced weight on a bit control, ultimately optimizing rate of penetration. Your drilling processes will not only be faster and more consistent, but usage of power and carbon footprint will decrease. Similar to your car’s cruise control, once the operator has entered a set point, there is no need for continuous steering from the driver. Reductions of drilling costs will decrease with less downhole vibration occurring, and your projects will be successful with our ADC software system – a crucial technology for every downhole operation.





    • Autodriller on/off function
    • Configure min/max WOB, min/max ROP, Drill torque limitation
    • Maintains steady WOB, ROP, or (optional) Standpipe Pressure
    • Drill Torque limitation minimizes risks for stalled pipe
    • Available for drilling and pulling out of hole
    • Easy to operate


    • As ADC-Tier1
    • heaveAssist mode allows automatic drilling with heave compensation cyclinders active, (AHC+CMC)
    • Leverages accurate WOB compensation control provided by the Active Heave Cylinder


    • As ADC-Tier1
    • Included as standard in Active Heave Drilling Drawworks package
    • Option available for drilling with heave compensation cylinders active (AHC+CMC)
    • Drill in DW active heave mode with CMC locked
    • Drill in heaveAssist mode with DW active heave mode locked

    ADC-Xoption-01: softDiff-P

    • Configure Mud Motor parameters
    • Drill with steady delta pressure drop over mud motor, to ensure stable bit torque

    ADC-Xoption-02: CMC safety interlocks

    • Reduce risk of collision between top drive dolly, water table and raised floor saver
    • Interlocks override