• Drilling Flight Recorder

    The objective of our Drilling Flight Recorder (DFR) is to collect and store data residing on the Drilling Control Network (DCN) with the purpose of identifying unwanted or unusual events related to a drilling operation.

    Our DFR is a powerful tool to investigate historical events. This is obtained by continuously capturing and storing data from the Drilling Control System. 

    The DFR gives the user an opportunity to efficiently investigate events, improve on regularity and reduce the risk of abnormalities through the drilling process. Detailed analyses, reports and playback features are readily available for impartial, reliable and meaningful review.


    DFR – Drilling Flight Recorder

    Hardware included:

    • 780x1200x620 (WxLxD) Standalone cabinet
    • Network Sniffer appliance
    • Playback Server (Cyberbase server equivalent Software)
    • Interface Server with 4TB storage

    Software features:

    • Records all UDP communications on Cyberbase drilling control network
    • Independently and autonomously stores machine commands and operator's alarms
    • Playback of actual Cyberbase screens and user commands

    Data extraction and report generation tools


    Remote Location of DFR User Interface

    2 Keyboard- Video- Mouse (KVM) extenders

    Digital Image Recording

    4-split video recording and playback functionality integrated with the DFR 
    • 4 dedicated EX Video cameras
    • Playback feature
    • Accurate time stamping
    • No added load on existing network

    Rugged BlackBox on bridge

    A rugged blackbox can be mounted on a safe place onboard (Bridge, CCR etc.) for physical protection of critical data in case of emergency.  
    • Approximately 1 month of DCN data replicated from DFR
    • Low latency data transfer
    • Placement on the Bridge
    • Rated to 1100 degC
    • Rated to 1000g force
    • Waterproof down to 6000m
    • Water activated locator beacon
    • Power over Ethernet
    • Quick disconnect

    Extended Storage Capacity

    2U Rack mounted storage area network (SAN) appliance with 14TB raw storage capacity

    Rackmount UPS

    2U + 2U Rack mounted UPS and battery package (3kVA)

    DCN Subnet Recording

    Enable the DFR to capture, store and parse direct IO and Profibus DP signals.

    1-2 DIN rail mounted Profibus DP modules required for the DFR to record DCN subnet traffic on one Drilling Control System node. 

    • No additional load on control system CPUs
    • Up to 1kHz data frequency

    Onshore DFR

    A stripped down DFR can be placed onshore in customer's support centers or collaboration centers. This DFR provides the same tools to onshore personnel and is able to replicate an offshore DFR in customer's fleet. 

    GPS Time System

    The DFR depends on accurate time stamping and must therefore be synchronized with a GPS antenna. On rigs where this is not available, this can be supplied with the DFR. A ATEX certified GPS antenna is then placed outside with continuous tracking of GPS satellites and transmits NTP time stamps to the DFR.