• Local Equipment Room

    Our Local Equipment Rooms for the Cyberbase System (LER-800 and LER-400) provide a controlled environment for your electrical components minimizing potential damage.

    We aim to provide you with the safest and most efficient equipment possible. We have designed our equipment rooms to withstand the harsh offshore conditions for at least 20 years. They are easy accessible allowing the maintenance crew to perform maintenance and troubleshooting whenever necessary. Each LER-800 is engineered for the rigs control system needs, has a steel structure [graded S355J2 or equal] and painted according to NOV specifications. Additionally, our LER-400 is designed for installation of NOV’s Amphion workstation or Driller’s Console. Both types of local equipment rooms will save you space in the most cost effective manner.





    Steel structure, grade S355J2 or equal, painted according to NOV specification HLA-4A outfitted with, among other things:

    • Noise and vibration insulation
    • Heat insulated walls, roof, and floor
    • Architectural items: wall and ceiling panels/plates, computer floor tiles, doors
    • Electrical light in ceiling
    • Junction boxes for light fixtures and socket outlets
    • Cable trays in sub-floor and cables within the room included in scope
    • Certified lifting equipment
    • Electrical earthing
    • Vibration dampener and fastening brackets

    Roof mounted HVAC components

    • Access ladder
    • Railings
    • Structural engineering
    • Available for HVAC Fan skid and/or air handling units

    IEC 60079-13 compliance




    LER-400 (Local Equipment Room)

    Scope of Supply:

    • Local Equipment Room constructed of carbon steel
    • Protective grid for the sloped overhead windows
    • Intermediate sub-floor
    • Thermal insulation
    • Architectural items such as: wall panels, ceiling panels, floor cover
    • Ceiling lights, switches and outlets

    Stainless Steel LER

    •  LER’s shell constructed of 306SS stainless steel
    • LER’s shell is sandblasted and passivated