• Drillers Talkback System

    Our Driller’s Talkback System (DTBS) is a fully digital, voice and data digital communication system designed to enhance communication between the driller and crew in the noisiest conditions.

    Based upon your needs, we will engineer a system with anywhere from 8 to 32 stations. After we configure and integrate the talkback system into the Driller’s Cabin, field testing and configuration will be quick and easy using a point-and-click software interface. With a range of up to 2.4 miles and the use of strobe lighting and noise reducing hoods, we guarantee our DTBS will provide you with ease of communication in some of the most difficult conditions.




    DTBS – Drillers Talkback System

    Drillers talkback system interfaces seamlessly with a variety of third party equipment, auxiliary security systems and signals, PA/GA systems, two-way radios and telephone Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

    Drillers Talkback stations

    We offer a wide variety of communication stations to meet your needs. They are typically Ex certified and are available with or without hands-free feature

    Drillers Communication strobe lights

    Strobe lights in various colors alert users in noisy environments.

    Drillers Communication sound insulation hoods

    Hoods in various sizes and shapes designed for easy integration and optimal noise cancelling.