• TDS-11SH Top Drive

    The new NOV TDS-11SH Top Drive is the latest innovation in drilling and combines all of the field-proven qualities of the world's best-selling top drive, the TDS-11SA , while offering more power density and significantly greater drilling torque.

    • Innovation:  The TDS-11SH, NOV's latest innovation, enables deeper drilling, both vertical and horizontal, in the harshest environments.  The TDS-11SH offers a formidable 51,000 ft-lbs of continuous drilling torque at 110 RPM, and 75,000 ft-lbs of breakout torque.
    • More Power:  The TDS-11SH AC Top Drive is powered by two 550 HP air-cooled permanent magnet AC motors (1100 HP total) giving drillers the power and torque they need to find harder to reach pockets of oil and gas.  The TDS-11SH offers 38% more torque with only a six inch increase in height.
    • Precise Control:  The top drive is driven by a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) control system for greater accuracy in controlling torque and speed.  A compact integral power unit mounted on the drive eliminates the need for hydraulic service loops.
    • Easy Retrofits:  The top drive height and rapid-installation guide beam design of NOV's TDS-11SH allows easy retrofits for existing rigs.
    • A Smarter Top Drive:  Available for the TDS-11SH are software enhancements SoftSpeed II, Twister, and the Monkey Board Collision Warning System.




    Size comparable to the TDS-11SA, smaller and lighter than competitors' units  

    Can fit area of a TDS-11SA. 34” setback-ability fits into smaller masts and reduces the time and expense to rig up/down, creating a more mobile unit

    500 Ton API 8C Bearing

    The only true 500 ton drive on the market that can hoist and rotate 500 tons of load, allowing for longer bearing life in drilling extended wells and difficult drilling environments

    Retains Pipe Handler (PH-75), guide beam from TDS-11SA

    Familiar design makes the unit simple to use and requires minimal training for  crews to become proficient

    Permanent Magnet Motors

    Power Density--More power in a small package

    Data logging, Twister, MCWS, Softspeed II capable

    A safer, smarter, and more consistent wellbore and operations

    Familiar, simple, and robust design

    Based on the design of the TDS-11SA (1700 in the field), ease of maintenance resulting in more uptime



    Gear ratio

    10.6:1 Double Reduction Helical


    Force-fed, filtered, air-cooled

    Drilling Parameters 

    Drilling speed range

    0 to 228 rpm continuous

    Drilling torque

    51,000 ft.-lbs. (69,150 Nm) continuous

    Drilling horsepower

    1100 HP maximum continuous

    Static lock brake

    51,000 ft.-lbs. (69,150 Nm)

    Maximum intermittent torque

    75,000 ft.-lbs. (101,686Nm)

    Rating Capacities 


    500 ton, API-8C, PSL-1

    Water course

    3 in. @ 5,000 psi CWP

    Drilling Motors (two) 


    Reliance Electric, Permanent magnet, forced air cooled, designed for AC drive applications

    Horsepower rating

    550 HP each @ 55˚ C

    Speed rating

    1,200 rpm

    Maximum speed

    2,400 rpm

    Pipe Handler (Type PH-75)

    Torque capacity

    75,000 lbft (101 686 Nm) @ 2,000 psi

    Drill pipe range

    3½ in. to 6⅝ in. (4 in. to 8½ in. OD tool joint)

    Upper IBOP

    6⅝ API Reg. RH Box

    Lower IBOP

    6⅝ API Reg. RH Pin/Box

    IBOPs; rating pressure

    15,000 PSI CWP

    IBOP trim

    H2S trim (optional)

    Elevator links

    250, 350, 500 or 750 ton API, 120 in., (3.1 m) long

    Rotating head

    Infinitely positionable