Our enhanced upgrade package brings higher torque and more power to enable faster and deeper drilling, even in the most demanding well operations.

    The TDS-11SAE is an upgrade package that consists of two new 600-horsepower induction motors and gear box internals that are retrofitted to a customer-owned TDS-11SA top drive. Increasing the horsepower from 800 to 1,200 allows drilling contractors to drill faster and deeper wells while maintaining a similar rig footprint; the upgrade only adds 6 inches to the TDS-11SA configuration.

    Contact your local NOV representative learn how the TDS-11SAE upgrade can provide up to 45% more power and torque, allowing you to drill your most challenging wells.


    Two 600-horsepower induction motors

    • Dramatic increase in horsepower yields significantly more torque
    • Enables drilling of wells beyond the technical limits of the standard top drive 500-ton main thrust bearing
    • Ensures hoisting capacity to handle heavy pipe
    • API 8C hoisting and rotating; dynamic and static

    Retrofittable to stand TDS-11SA top drives

    • Minimizes downtime associated with equipment upgrade
    • Delivers significantly more power in virtually the same footprint
    • Reduces the cost of total ownership

    Additional variable frequency drive (VFD)

    • Provides each motor with a dedicated VFD