• IDS-350PE Top Drive

    The IDS-350PE (Performance Enhanced) Integrated Drilling System is a modular top drive designed specifically for the land rig market.


    • Innovative Design: The unit incorporates a modular design that provides maximum capabilities in the smallest, most compact package available, and is designed to fit smaller profile masts.
    • Power: The IDS-350PE provides sizable power in a compact design with 37,000 ft-lbs of continuous drilling torque at 143 RPM. The high power density of the permanent magnet motor allows smaller profile rigs to utilize this top drive with little or no changes to existing structures.
    • Pipe Handling: The IDS-350PE uses a PH-65 pipe-hanlder capable of backing up 65,000 ft-lbs at intermittent torque. The simplified design follows the same pipe-handler design philosophy of the popular TDS models.


    • Provides 37,000 ft-lbs of continuous drilling torque @ 143 RPM
    • Utilizies permanent magnet motor for increased power density and durability
    • The motor rating is UL Class 1, Div 2, hazardous area operations
    • The pipe-handler is capable of backing up 65,000 ft-lbs at intermittent torque
    • Easily installs onto smaller land rigs and drilling platforms with minimal or no retrofit
    • Streamlined hydraulic and electronic systems reduce maintenance costs
    • The liquid-cooled, hollow shaft promotes mud flow and reduces the overall footprint
    • Modular design increases durability and reduces downtime


    Gear Ratio12.6:1 Planetary
    LubeWet Sump
    Drilling Parameters
    Drilling Speed Range0-212 RPM
    Drilling Torque37,000 ft-lbs continuous @ 143 RPM
    Drilling Horsepower1,000 HP
    Hoisting Load350 ton, API-8C, PSL-1 Dual Load Paths
    Drilling Load350 ton API
    Water Course3.00" @ 7,500 psi CWP
    Environmental-40ºC to +45ºC
    Drilling Motor
    TypeBaldor PM Motor/Dodge Gearbox
    HP Rating1,100 HP (1,000 HP for drilling - 100 HP for auxiliary)
    Pipe Handler (Type PH-65)
    Torque Capacity65,000 ft-lbs
    Drill Pipe Range3 1/2" to 6 5/8"
    Upper IBOP6 5/8" API
    Lower IBOP6 5/8" API
    IBOP's Rating Pressure15,000 psi CWP
    Elevator Links250 ton, 250 ton and 500 ton accepted
    Rotating Head SwingInfinite (360º)
    Special Features
    Extend DollyOptional
    Maintenance PlatformIntegrated, Central Services Access
    Casing Running Tool ReadyIntegrated Services