• Steel Toe™ Walking System

    NOV's Steel Toe Walking System upgrade transforms your Ideal Rig into an efficient drilling rig capable of servicing an array of pad drilling applications.


    The Steel Toe Walking System consists of four (4) lift and slide walking feet, modifications to the substructure, relocating the drawworks, and system controls. The backyard integration items, such as cable management system, gravity mud return, high-pressure piping extensions, and choke recofingurations allow a truly turnkey solution.

    The Steel Toe Walking System features the following key components:

    • Steel Toe 1000 Walking Feet
    • System Controls
    • Substructure Modification
    • Relocating drawworks (elevated or rolling)
    • BOP Beams and Hoists
    • Choke Hoses and Piping
    • Cable Management System
    • Flowline Manifold or catch/scalping Tank
    • High-pressure piping for mud



    • System control options include wireless remote, tethered back-up control, as well as manual hydraulic controls.
    • Multiple configurations for relocating drawworks – NOV’s solutions offer up to 7 feet of clearance.
    • BOP Hoist to accommodate BOP Stack during Walking operations
    • Articulating flowline & mud return manifold
    • Festoon Cable Management System
    • Standard offering is a system which can accommodate a single well row with a maximum distance of 105 ft. Additional solutions are also available to accommodate multi-pad, multi-well locations with a variety of well spacing – additional layouts available upon request.
    • Ability to walk with full rated Setback


    • The ability to leave the rig walkers installed in the Ideal Rig substructure base boxes during site-to-site rig moves is a unique configuration currently offered by NOV. This reduces Release-to-Spud time, reduces required crane time, and decreases the number of transportation loads compared to other configurations.
    • All walking feet are designed to be fully interchangeable, which allows customer to utilize feet for multiple Ideal rigs and decreases the need for fleet spares.
    • Flexible product offerings and installation options allow customer to tailor solutions to their budgetary and operational needs.
    • System includes OEM structural upgrades specific to the Ideal Rig – the addition of structural struts or pony boxes is not required.


    Technical Specifications 
    Horizontal System Total Stroke24"
    Effective Vertical Lifting Stroke6 1/2"
    Clearance under substructure*3"
    Clearance under foot**3"
    Number of skidding cylinders8
    Number of lifting cylinders4
    Number of bearing pads4
    * When fully extended and includes substructure deflection 
    ** When fully retracted