• S-150 Power Swivel

    The National Oilwell Varco Model S-150 Power Swivel is a hydraulic motor driven, pipe rotating machine.

    • The National Oilwell Varco Model S-150 Power Swivel is a hydraulic motor driven, pipe rotating machine. This compact machine, weighing only 2000 lbs., is rated to support tensile pipe loads of 150 tons at zero R.P.M. The S-150 Power Swivel incorporates a 2¾"" bore gooseneck and washpipe assembly allowing circulation through the stem while rotating or in a static condition.
    • The S-150 Power Swivels are available with different maximum torque and speed outputs which allows tailoring the unit to the job.
    • Performance characteristics vary from the S-150 low torque with its maximum torque of 8100 ft. lbs. and speeds up to 150 RPM, to the S-150 with maximum torque of 11,500 ft.lbs. and speeds to 150 RPM. The variable volume pump and hydraulic system allows the torque and speeds to be infinitely varied, within the above stated ranges, with no need to shift gears or stop and restart the unit to increase or decrease speed or torque.
    • The S-150 Power Swivel is supplied with a power unit of the correct size and horsepower output to match the swivel, and with either air or electric remote control assemblies. All of these components are skid or trailer mounted to form a rugged portable unit.


    • FISHING AND WORKOVER OPERATIONS:  The S-150 Power Swivel is ideally suited to supply rotary power for internal and external cutting of casing, drill pipe and tubing; for drilling out packers, plugs or cement, and for milling and casing scraping. The smooth and accurately controlled torque is essential in eliminating much of the danger of twisting off the work string or damaging a cutting tool or mill.
    • DRILLING OPERATIONS:  The S-150 is light weight and maneuverable, and is extremely effective for medium and heavy drilling jobs. The drilling application includes oil and gas wells, water wells, piling drilling for offshore platforms, piers and foundation drilling for construction.
    • CORING OPERATIONS:  The use of an S-150 for any type coring operation allows any length of desired core to be taken while ensuring less chance of damage to core tools or strings with its accurate and smooth torque.
    • CONTROL UNITS:  Control Assemblies for NOV Power Swivels are two basic types-pedestal mounted remote air and pedestal mounted remote electric.
    • TRANSPORT OPTIONS:  NOV's Power Swivels Unites may be mounted on a bumper pull trailer, gooseneck trailer or skid.
    • POWER OPTIONS:  Purchasers have the option to match NOV's Power Swivel units with either John Deere®, Cummins®, or Caterpillar® Engines.



    Model No. S-150 
    Assembly Part No.220698/013
    Weight (lbs.)2000
    Max. Torque (ft. lbs)8000-11500
    Max. Speed (RPM)150HT/100LT
    Nominal Load Rating (tons)150
    100 RPM Load Rating (tons)103
    Max. Circulating Pressure5,000 PSI
    (10,000 optional)
    Radius of Torque Rein                  Retracted
    with Hook Link Adapter                  Extended
    135 3/8"
    Goose Neck Connection 3" LP 
    Standard Save Sub Conn.3½" A.P.I.I.F. 
    Goose Neck Access Hole2 7/8" EUE
    Saver Sub Make-Up Torque (ft.lbs.)12500/13000
    Bore thru (Circulation Passage)2"
    Elevator Ball Pipe Size3½" and 4½"
    Gear Oil Capacity4½ Gallons
    High Pressure Hose Size1¼"
    Drain Hose Size1"
    *Breaking capacityn/a