• Drill-Force AC Drilling Motors

    NOV's family of Drill Force motors are specifically for service in Top Drives, Drawworks, Mud Pumps, and Rotary Tables, delivering 1150 HP base rating with increased efficiency and durability.

    • ANNOUNCEMENT:  National Oilwell Varco has updated its production schedule at the Baylor facility in Sugarland, TX and currently has Drill-Force motors, as well as other motors, available for market-leading deliveries.  Depending on specific configurations, many of these motors are available in as little as five weeks.  Contact rig@nov.com now to learn more and to book your order.  
    • Innovative Technology:  NOV's leadership in the development of AC technology in Top Drives, Drawworks, Rotary Tables, Pipe Handling Systems, and Mud Pumps has led to the development of the Drill-Force Drive Systems.  Drill-Force motors are specifically designed to optimize the drilling performance of the machines they power.  The Drill-Force line used Six Sigma design techniques to improve the quality and efficiency of the material to yield a lighter, more durable product with lower inertia, better VFD response time, and better thermal efficiency than our competitors. 
    • Efficiency and Performance:  Applying the same techniques to our manufacturing process led to quality motors with consistent performance.  The Drill-Force motors, paired with the NOV Drill Force VFD, will drive NOV built equipment with increased efficiency, performance, and reliability unmatched in the industry. 


    • NOV's family of Drill-Force motors is specifically for service in Top Drives, Drawworks, Mud Pumps, and Rotary Tables, delivering 1150 horsepower base rating with increased efficiency and durability.
    • Rotor Assembly--The rotor assembly is a "squirrel cage" fabricated rotor with heavy duty alloy bars and Chromium copper rings, 4340 high tensile steel shaft, high quality roller bearings, and an environmental coating to reduce corrosion, low inertia, 100 ohm RTD standard on bearings.
    • Stator Assembly--The wound stator assembly consists of insulated copper magnet wire, form wounds coils, fully taped and insulated to Class H (180°C) standards for long life.  The unit is processed with multiple vacuum pressure impregnation operations with polyester material, to assure maximum dielectric, thermal, and environmental protection, 100 ohm RTD, optimized performance, skewed for low speed performance.
    • Mechanical Construction--The motor features a rugged fabricated steel frame coated with epoxy paint.  Blower connections and hoods meet IP44 ingress standard.  The motor is in a rugged steel connection box with stainless steel gland plates, high tensile hubs, and is optimized to reduce weight.
    • Ratings
      • 1150 HP Continuous Duty 0-800 RPM 
      • 7550 Ft-lbs. Constant Torque
      • Intermittent Duty up to 140%
      • Intermittent operation 800-3000 RPM
      • 600-690V 1080 A @ 600V 800 RPM 
      • -40 to 55° C Ambient at rated conditions
      • ATEX certified for Increased Safety Exe T3 rating
      • ABS and DNV type certified for Marine duty