• PipeCat™ Laydown System

    NOV's latest Horizontal Pipe Handling System is the PipeCat Laydown System, designed to deliver tubulars from the catwalk level to the drill floor.

    NOV's latest horizontal pipe-handling system is our PipeCat Laydown System. The function of the PipeCat machine is to transfer tubulars from the catwalk level to the drill floor. The PipeCat positions the box end of the tubular near well center to allow the elevators to be latched during tubular running, but is close enough to well center to allow tubulars to be pushed off into the machine during laydown operations. Pipe Racks and Indexers are used to load / unload the machine's Pipe Trough without manual intervention. Additionally, hydraulic power is delivered from an integral HPU within the Catwalk structure.

    Safety is increased by innovative, convenient operator movement controls from either a wireless radio control or a local control panel on the Catwalk.


    Automated, wireless controls increase safety by removing human errors


    • 10,000 lbs. SWL (Single Joint of 11” DC)
    • 47 ft Max Tubular Length
    • 2 3/8” to 6 5/8” Drill Pipe and Tubing (Range II and Range III)
    • 3 1/2” to 11” Drill Collar (Range II)
    • Casing up to 24” diameter (Range III, Max 10,000 lbs)
    • Amphion™ Control System - Standalone or Integrated with the Rig
    • Integrated HPU with two independent electric driven pumps
    • Vertical lift is configured to match substructure height
    • V-door ramp functionality can be maintained if PipeCat™ is not working