• Ideal Prime Rig

    The Ideal Prime Rig builds on the proven legacy of the Ideal Rig Series brand by incorporating NOV's latest innovations and equipment into one powerful, highly mobile rig.


    Part of the Ideal™ Rig Series, the Ideal™ Prime Rig is the solution to overcome drilling challenges of the future.

    • Enhanced Mobility: The newest addition to the Ideal Rig Series is the Ideal Prime Rig, a modularly designed rig with the Steel Toe™ Walking System. The walking system is capable of moving the rig with a full setback along the X or Y axis without rigging up or down. The 28 foot drill floor allows for taller stacks and enables the rig to walk up to 120 feet without the use of a catch tank. The enhanced setback capacity of 575,000 lbs allows the rig to rack more drill-pipe for deeper wells and longer lateral drilling. The drawworks remains on the drill floor during wellpad moves.
    • Unparalleled Control: The AMPHION Drilling Control System integrates rig systems and provides control over the drawworks, mud pump, top drive, and power management, all from the safety of the climate-controlled driller’s cabin. The AMPHION system allows simultaneous monitoring of drilling functions, allowing for adjustments to maintain consistent drilling.
    • Increased Power/Torque: The Ideal Prime Rig features the TDS-11SH Top Drive, delivering more torque and power (1100 horsepower) in a smaller package. The ST-100 Iron Roughneck provides increased reliability and greater torque for make-up or break-out procedures.
    • Enhanced Safety and Environmental Features: Technologically advanced wireless and backup controls are integrated to provide better visibility for raising and lowering the mast and sub; in addition to the wireless controlled tig walking system. The newly designed driller’s cabin allows two end exit routes for emergency evacuation. The drill floor is designed for 100% containment to prevent environmental hazardous spillage.
    • Reliable Service and Support:All NOV Rigs are supported by a 24/7 world-class NOV Aftermarket Support Team.




    Steel-Toe™ Walking System (walking system and tunnel attachment optional) Move the rig along the X or Y axis on the wellpad - clear wellheads with ease
    Highly optimized hydraulic system and multi-quick disconnect platesMinimized number of line/leak points, reduced time to connect/disconnect hydraulic lines and reduced errors
    Unique mast shoe and pin designEasier to pin mast into substructure without precise alignment
    Mast shoes design provides quick, streamlined assembly procedureMast connects to shoes easily by raising the cylinders, forcing the mast into proper alignment
    Higher torque Top-Drive and Iron Roughneck standardDependability of field-proven, quality NOV equipment
    AMPHION Drilling Control System standardIntegration of components for smooth & efficient drilling operations


    • Conventional
    • Shale
    • Geothermal
    • Horizontal
    • 375 Tons
    • 1500 HP
    • Triples
    • Cantilever
    • Cylinder Raising
    • 142 ft ht
    • Slingshot-Cylinder
    • 575,000 lbs setback capacity
    Moving System
    • Walking (Lift and Roll)
    Drill Floor
    • 28 ft ht
    • 24 ft clear ht
    • DSGD-375
    • 1500 HP
    • 750,000 lbs hoisting capacity with 12 lines
    Top Drive
    • TDS-11SH
    • 500 Tons
    • 51,000 ft-lbs continuous drilling torque
    Iron Roughneck
    • ST-100
    • 100,000 ft-lbs makeup torque
    • 120,000 ft-lbs breakout torque
    Driller's Controls
    • HVAC Driller's Cabin
    Mud Pumps
    • FD-1600
    • 1600 HP
    Optional Equipment
    • Stand Transfer Vehicle (STV)
    • Steel Toe Walking System