• Ideal Box Rig

    Utilizing a traditional box-on-box substructure design, the Ideal Box Rig capitalizes on the performance of the field-proven Ideal Rig to create one of the most efficient land rigs on the market.


    • Innovative Design: The Ideal™ Box Rig builds on the proven history and legacy of the Ideal Rig Series and the AC Ideal Rig, but incorporates the simple, yet innovative design of the box-on-box substructure.
    • Ease of Setup: With the use of a crane, the box-on-box substructure sets up easily with minimal assembly procedures. Rig-up and rig-down times are faster because there are no cylinders or hydraulics to connect or disconnect. Because there are fewer moving parts, the procedure for rig-up and rig-down is greatly simplified and less maintenance is required.
    • Mobility: The Ideal™ Box integrates the Steel Toe™ Walking System within the box structure allowing the rig to move between well sites on the well pad, increasing efficiency, and maximizing operators' drilling time. Equipment components can remain affixed to the box structure during rig moves, reducing rig-down procedures.
    • Customization: Because of the efficient and simple box-on-box design, erecting winterization panels to the box structure is fast and easy, making it ideal for cold-weather climates or areas that experience extreme wind conditions.
    • Equipment: The Ideal Box Rig comes standard with a suite of proven NOV equipment, including the TDS-11SA Top drive, the ADS-10SD Drawworks, the ST-80CL Iron Roughneck, the Amphion Integrated Drilling Control system, and the FD-1600 Mud Pumps. Optional equipment includes the PipeCat Laydown System and the Stand Transfer Vehicle (STV).


    • Conventional
    • Shale
    • Geothermal
    • Horizontal
    • 375 Tons
    • 1500 HP
    • Triples
    • Cantilever
    • Cylinder Raised
    • 142 ft ht
    Substructure Type
    • Box - on - Box
    • 500,000 lbs setback capacity
    Moving System
    • (Optional) Walking System (Lift and Roll)
    Drill Floor Height
    • 25 ft (28, 30 or 35 ft)
    • ADS-10SD
    • 1500 HP
    Top Drive
    • TDS-11SA
    • 37,500 ft-lbs continuous torque
    Iron Roughneck
    • ST-80CL
    • 60,000 ft-lbs makeup torque
    • 80,000 ft-lbs breakout torque
    Driller's Controls
    • HVAC Driller's Cabin
    Mud Pumps
    • FD-1600
    • 1600 HP