• Desert Rig

    The Desert Rig is a fast-moving desert rig designed specifically for the hostile desert environment and to withstand high ambient temperatures while maintaining peak drilling performance.


    • The 1000 HP Desert Rig is designed to take on the challenges of quick moving desert operations, high ambient temperatures, and difficult transportation logistics.
    • The Rig employs the use of a primary mover maximizing load sizes in the desert. The modification of traditional rig equipment allows it to fold, bend, or collapse, reducing its footprint and allowing for a more compact load size.
    • Structural design elements include the use of pin connections in the place of bolt connections and the incorporation of drilling equipment during transit, including integration of the BOP in the rig substructure.
    • The 1000HP Desert Rig incorporates all the safety features and reliability you expect from National Oilwell Varco in one fast-moving configuration.


    • Fast-moving Desert Rig
    • Ruggedness – designed to handle high ambient temperatures
    • Compact rig design for quicker rig-up/down times
    • Industry proven NOV equipment adds to reliability and efficiency
    • Advanced Drilling Controls


    Well-TypeConventional, Shale, Horizontal
    Size250, 350, 375, 500, 750, or 750+ Tons
    Horsepower 700, 1000, 1500, 2000, or 3000 HP
    Rig PowerAC or DC
    MastDoubles or Triples, Telescopic or Cantilever
    Mast Raising System   Cylinder or Sling-line Raised
    SubstructureSlingshot-Cylinder/Winch/Drawworks, Box-on-box, or Column
    Moving SystemTrailerized
    Drill Floor Height20, 22, 25, or 30 ft.
    Setback Capacity250,000, 320,000, 350,000, 500,000, 600,000, or 700,000+ lbs
    Drawworks1320-UDBE, 2000 HP
    Top DriveTDS-10SH, 22,288 ft-lbs drilling torque
    Iron RoughneckST-80C, 60,000 ft-lbs makeup torque; 80,000 ft-lbs breakout torque
    EnginesCAT 3512B
    Driller's ControlsIntegrated
    Rotary Table 27-1/2"
    Mud Pumps10-P-130, 1300 HP
    BOPContact Regional Salesperson