• AC Ideal Rig

    The AC Ideal™ Rig System from National Oilwell Varco is a safe, efficient, and fast-moving land rig.

    The AC Ideal Rig integrates innovative features and technological advances into one advanced drilling rig.


    • Reduced transport loads reduce overhead cost, transportation time, and streamline rig up/down time
    • Intuitive, simple assembly procedures 
    • Traveling block, top drive, and rotary table remain mounted in the mast and substructure during transportation 
    • Modular two tank mud system reduces transportation time and rig up/down time 
    • Remote-controlled hydraulic raising system requires no main rig power and keeps the operator at a safe distance 
    • Single Speed Gear Driven AC Drawworks is remotely controlled and is mounted at ground-level to maximize usable drill floor space
    • Electrical system benefits from deployable overhead cable booms and swing arm boom to minimize connections for easier hook-up and longer service life
    • PipeCat Laydown System, ST-80CL Iron Roughneck, PS21 Power Slips, TDS-11SA Top Drive and Handling Tools, and BX4-50 Hydraulic Elevators maximize tubular handling
    • Proven NOV-Ross Hill AC VFD power system and generator controls for reliable and safe power supply 
    • Large capacity dual AC motor driven 1600 HP mud pumps deliver improved performance and efficiency
    • Wireless controlled hydraulic utility floor winches for a safe working environment
    • AMPHION™ integrated drilling control system with wrap around work station for optimal controls of the drilling operation 
    • Optional 55° degree C upgrade available 
    • Readily available spare parts along with a worldwide service network



    • Conventional
    • Shale
    • Geothermal
    • Horizontal                     


    • 375 Tons
    • 1500 HP
    • Triples
    • Cantilever
    • 142 ft ht
    • Slingshot Cylinder
    • 500,000 lbs setback capacity
    Moving System 
    • Lift and Roll (Optional)
    Drill Floor Height 
    • 25 ft
    • ADS-10SD
    • 1500 HP
    • 827,000 lbs hoisting capacity on 10 lines
    Top Drive  
    • TDS-11SA
    • 500 Tons
    • 37,500 ft-lbs continuous drilling torque
    Iron Roughneck 
    • ST-80CL
    • 60,000 ft-lbs makeup torque
    • 80,000 ft-lbs breakout torque
    Driller's Controls 
    • AMPHION Drilling Control System
    • HVAC Driller's Cabin
    Mud Pumps  
    • FD-1600
    • 1600 HP
    • Steel Toe Walking System
    • CRT-350 Casing Running Tool
    • Stand Transfer Vehicle (STV)  



    • 150 NOV Ideal Rigs Sold
    • Purchased by more than 25 Drilling Contractors globally
    • Currently operating in every major drilling region around the world