• Smart Box Rig

    The Smart Box Rig, part of the Velocity Rig Series, utilizes a specially designed substructure and compact transport loads for faster rig-up/down operations.


    Innovative Substructure Design: The Smart Box Rig is designed on an innovative substructure that uses advanced hydraulics to raise and lower the drill floor. The BOP Handling System is integrated with the substructure that allows the BOP to adjust and move over the hole without moving the rig. The Smart Box Rig is ideal for pad drilling, and using a lift and roll walking system, the rig can move along the X or Y axis and maneuver over multiple wellheads. The Smart Box Rig lives up to its Velocity Series categorization and rigs up and down without the use of a crane.

    Compact Transport Loads: Specially designed for the challenging road conditions of Pennsylvania, the Smart Box Rig's transportable loads are only 8 feet wide, 13 feet high, and 53 feet long. The trailerized load system contributes to faster rig-up and rig down and allows the rig to move from site to site with great speed.

    Field-Proven Equipment: Similar to all NOV Land Rigs, the Smart Box Rig is packed with field-proven equipment that improves drilling efficiency, increases safety, and provides the driller with the most trusted pieces of equipment in the industry. Field proven equipment includes the SSGD 250 Drawworks, the TDS-10SH Top Drive, the Amphion™ Integrated Drilling Control System, F-1000 Mud Pumps, and the ST-100 Iron Roughneck.

    Aftermarket Support: As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), National Oilwell Varco provides comprehensive aftermarket products and services' solutions to support hte lifetime of your equipment through an integrated network of strategically located facilities worldwide.

    • Compact, trailerized load sizes
    • Fast, craneless rig-up and rig-down
    • Innovative Substructure design


    NOV Equipment

    Smart Box Rig

    • Conventional
    • Shale
    • Coal Bed Methane (CBM)
    • Geothermal
    • SAGD
    • Horizontal
    • 250 Tons
    • 1500 horsepower
    • Singles
    • Cantilever
    • Cylinder Raised
    • Box-in-Box
    Drilling Moving System 
    • Trailerized
    • Walking (Lift and Roll)
    • SSGD-250
    • 1500 horsepower
    Top Drive
    • TDS-10SH
    • 250 Tons
    • 22,288 ft-lbs torque @ 88 RPM
    • 9,150 ft-lbs torque @ 183 RPM
    Driller's Controls
    • HVAC Driller's Cabin
    Mud Pumps
    • F-1000 Mud Pump
    • 1000 Horsepower
    Drill Floor Height
    • 20 ft