• Rapid Rig

    The National Oilwell Varco Rapid Rig™ is an efficient land rig delivering maximum speed, safety, and performance in a compact drilling package.


      Application-based Design:  The Rapid Rig is designed with a 250 ton hook load capacity for shallow to moderate well depths. 
    •  Technological Innovation:  The fully automated rig floor, coupled with a revolutionary pipe-handling system, reduces crew size and accident exposure while providing a comfortable and efficient work environment. 
      Environmental Impact:  The Rapid Rig's compact components and AC powered primary systems further reduce environmental impact at the well site. 
      Mobility:  The Rapid Rig's smaller size and self-deploying design allow for ease of transport and faster onsite rig-up/down.  
      Service and Support:  Wherever the versatile Rapid Rig allows you to operate, you are backed by National Oilwell Varco's industry-leading, global network for service, support, and supply chain centers.    



    • Rapidly deployed, highly mobile land rig 
    • User friendly with optimized safety features
    • Compact well site footprint (120’ X 150’) to reduce environmental impact
    • Fully automated pipe handling and drill floor
    • Reduced crew size
    • Ninteen (19) transport loads (less tubulars)
    • No cranes or gin poles required to rig up
    • Incorporates NOV field proven advanced equipment and control technologies
    • 250 ton nominal hook load capacity
    • 12,000 ft nominal depth capacity
    • Drills with range II and III drill pipe
    • Utilizes AC powered drilling machinery


    • Conventional
    • Shale
    • Geothermal
    • SAGD
    • Horizontal
    • 250 Tons
    • 1,000 HP
    • Singles
    • Telescopic
    • Cylinder Raised
    • 80 ft ht
    • Slingshot-Cylinder 
    Moving System
    • Skidding 
    Drill Floor Height
    • 20 ft 
    • DSGD-250
    • 1150 HP
    Top Drive
    • TDS-10SH
    • 250 Tons
    • 22,288 ft-lbs continuous torque    
    Iron Roughneck
    • ST-80
    • 60,000 ft-lbs makeup torque
    • 80,000 ft-lbs breakout torque
    • HVAC Driller's Cabin
    Mud Pumps
    • F-1000
    • 1000 HP



    • Greater versatility, lower operating costs, maximized utilization
    • Minimized rig-up/down time
    • Compact well site footprint
    • Reduced environmental impact
    • Smaller crew size
    • Lower transport cost
    • Fast, efficient pipe handling
    • Minimized accident exposure
    • Smaller equipment size
    • Reduced transport loads
    • Minimized hydraulics