• Ideal 2000 Land Rig

    Our new Ideal™ 2000 land rig is a fully integrated, configurable land rig designed to meet the needs of today’s increasingly complex drilling conditions. The NOVOS™-enabled rig has 2,000 horsepower and increased setback capacity, allowing it to drill deeper wells and longer laterals. In addition, an upgraded equipment suite provides more power and torque in both drilling parameters and pipe-handling requirements, meaning you’re never unprepared for challenging situations.



    The Ideal 2000 rig is powered by a standard suite of upgraded equipment, which includes the following:

    DSGD-425 drawworks—30% more power, 40% faster, and 50% smaller than previous models

    • 2,000-horsepower
    • Hoisting capacity of 1 million lbs on 12 lines

    TDS-11HD top drive—increases power and torque by 45%

    • 500-ton capacity
    • Two 600-horsepower motors
    • 58,800 ft-lb of continuous drilling torque at 110 RPM

    ST-95 iron roughneck—increases torque by 25%

    • 75,000 ft-lb of makeup torque and 95,000 ft-lb of breakout torque

    Amphion integrated drilling control system

    • Enabled for use of the NOVOS reflexive drilling system, which automates repetitive drilling processes


    Well type

    • Conventional
    • Shale
    • Geothermal
    • Horizontal

    Size: 500 tons

    Horsepower: 2,000

    Rig power: Alternating current (AC)
    Engine type: CAT 3512

    Mast: Triples
    Mast type: Cantilever
    Mast raising system: Cylinder
    Mast height: 142 ft

    Substructure type: Slingshot-cylinder
    Setback capacity: 780,000 lb

    Drilling moving system: Walking-lift and roll 

    Drill floor height: 28 ft

    NOV drawworks type: DSGD-425
    Horsepower: 2,000
    Hoisting capacity: 1 million lb on 12 lines

    NOV top drive: TDS-11HD
    Capacity: 500 tons, 2 x 600 horsepower
    Continuous drilling torque: 58,800 ft-lb at 110 RPM

    NOV iron roughneck: ST-95
    Makeup torque: 75,000 ft-lb
    Breakout torque: 95,000 ft-lb

    BOP type: NOV T3 6012
    Bore size: 135/8 in.
    Working pressure: 10,000 psi

    Driller's controls: Amphion
    Driller's cabin: HVAC
    VFD: Split VFD + LER 

    Rotary table: SST375
    Opening: 37½ in. 

    NOV mud pumps: FD-1600
    Horsepower: 1600

    Optional equipment

    • ST-100
    • STV
    • ADS-2000SD
    • Pipecat FX
    • PS-21 power slip



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