• Land Drilling Rigs - Advanced rig technology with integrated drilling packages  

    Our land drilling rigs offer market-leading power, precision, and rig design. Our innovative technology packages, when integrated with our drilling equipment, drive significant performance improvements, giving you an edge in today’s most challenging drilling environments.

    Understanding that flexibility in the field is critical, our land rigs can be rigged up and down with ease and speed. We’ve designed our rigs to succeed in difficult drilling conditions, letting you drill for oil or gas when and where you need to with confidence. When you choose NOV, you’re backed by an organization with more than 170 years of drilling experience, and as the OEM, we understand your needs and your equipment better than anyone else.

    We integrate our advanced rig technology, such as the NOVOS process-automation platform, with rig equipment to ensure you can effectively manage hardware and software in a way that enables scalable control, monitoring, and optimization of drilling operations across your fleet. Using NOVOS allows your drillers to focus on what’s really important rather than menial, repetitive tasks, making every driller the best driller.

    If you need rig refurbishment or rig services, visit our rig upgrade page at www.nov.com/upgradepacks or www.nov.com/fleetcare



    To view additional information on components of our land drilling rigs, visit these links and/or watch these animations:

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    Superior Equipment: Our rig designs incorporate a suite of NOV's industry leading products, including but not limited to the ST-80C2 iron roughneck, TDS-11SA top drive, FD-1600 mud pumps and ADS-10SD drawworks, NOV 6012 ram BOP, Brandt solids control system, Ross Hill AC drives, Mission centrifugal pumps and mud pump expendable products, and the PipeCat FX catwalk system.

    Superior Design:Our safe, efficient land drilling rigs are controlled with the industry's most robust control system, the AMPHION™ integrated drilling control system, monitored with a full suite of M/D Totco RigSense™ products, and supported by a worldwide service and spare parts network. Optional equipment includes the Steel Toe™ walking system and the Stand Transfer Vehicle (STV), designed for efficient tripping operations without the need for a man in the derrick.



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