• ST-80C 2 Iron Roughneck

    The new ST-80C2 Iron Roughneck incorporates a multitude of improvements based on customer feedback and engineering analysis while still retaining the durability, ruggedness and performance of its predecessor, the ST-80C Iron Roughneck.

    We are excited to offer the latest version of our ST-80C Iron Roughneck, the ST-80C2Iron Roughneck. The improvements, rooted in customer feedback and engineering analysis, offer better control responsiveness, ease in serviceability and most importantly, operational features that promote rig floor personnel safety.

    Overall Benefits:

    • Enhanced safety features
    • Improved accessibility to many facets of the tool to aid in maintenance, removal and troubleshooting
    • Increased efficiency in repetitive make/break and general tool operations help streamline operations
    • Finer control with improved sensitivity, reactiveness and faster response times
    • Features promote extended life of tool and tubulars
    • Greater structural stability, strength, impact resistance and durability
    • Improved user-interface, user-friendly
    • Tool allows for retrofits into an existing ST-80C floor socket
    • Some ST-80C2 features may be applied to existing ST-80C tools


    New control panel

    • Hydraulic pilot controls and strategic lever placement for finer, more effective control
    • Design offers hand protection
    • Primary E-stop

    Additional integrated control panel features

    • System pressure gauge
    • Hydraulic enable dial
    • Torque adjust dial
    • Arm adjust control – arm can be preset for desired reach while still being capable of full retraction to free up rig floor space

    Upgraded gearbox casting

    • Increased housing strength for impact resistance
    • Oil-submerged with oil sight glass, easy access drain and oil level dipstick
    • Splined motor shaft to increase shaft and gear life
    • Reduction in parts and weight

    Hydraulic secondary E-stop pull cord on lower arm

    • Total system pressure cancellation to deactivate tool
    • Pull cords accessible by rig floor personnel within tool’s proximity

    Improved control valve assembly

    • Location outside of carriage frame for improved accessibility

    Manifold relocation/optimization

    • Location outside of carriage frame for improved accessibility
    • Protective, easily removable steel guards
    • Improved hose routing

    Improved alignment plate

    • Round tubing bar replaced with solid cross brace and curved guide on plate
    • Plate integrated into frame for better stability and support

    Soft clamp

    • Minimal clamp force applied to box connection during spinning operations
    • Design aimed to reduce “belling” of connections and extend tool joint life

    Remote lift switch

    • Safer method to relocate tool away from personnel by raising/lowering unit when fully retracted, providing 77.7” clearance underneath

    Improved quick disconnect service loop couplings

    • Screw-to-connect quick disconnect couplings ensure positive connection and prevent unintended disconnection

    Improved hose routing

    • Hydraulic system designed and located to ease hose routing and maintenance
    • Hoses labeled with port identification

    Improved slew jack screws

    • Improved material, strength and support

    Carriage assembly rubber guards

    • Guards can be flipped up for maintenance or completely removed by removing a single pin



    7,800 lbs (3,538 kg) 

    Hydraulic Requirements

    28 GPM @ 2,100 psi (106 LPM @ 145 bar) min
    40 GPM @ 3,000 psi (151 LPM @ 207 bar) max 

    Tubular (Tool Joint) OD Range

    4-1/4" to 8-1/2" 

    Spin Speed

    75 RPM (nominal on 5" DP) 

    Spin Torque

    1,750 ft-lbs (2,373 Nm) 

    Maximum Make-up Torque

    60,000 ft-lbs (81,500 Nm) 

    Maximum Break-out Torque

    80,000 ft-lbs (108,500 Nm) 

    Connection Height

    23" to 59" (584 mm to 1,498 mm)

    Horizontal Travel

    60" (1,524 mm)



    Torque Wrench Rotation