• ST-100 Iron Roughneck

    The newly designed ST-100 Iron Roughneck sets the standard for performance and reliability by incorporating modern technology in a rugged, high-performance package.



    • Innovative Technology:  The new ST-100 Iron Roughneck incorporates the durability, ruggedness, and performance of legacy NOV® Iron Roughnecks into a new, compact package. The ST-100 Iron Roughneck provides fast, safe and reliable tubular make-up and break-out functions in a package similar to the industry-leading ST-80C Iron Roughneck.  Utilizing the rugged AR3200 Torque Wrench and the high-performance ST-120/MPT200 Spin Wrench, the ST-100 combines decades of proven technology and reliability in one tool while improving performance and reduced cost of maintenance and ownership.  The ST-100 utilizes a compact scissor-arm system based on the ST-80C to increase the clearance around well center during use and when stored.  The all-hydraulic controls provide fast, safe, and reliable make-up and break-out of tubular connections ranging from 4 to 9¾ inches in diameter.  With up to 120,000 ft-Ibs of available break-out torque, drilling connections are handled with ease.
    • Soft Clamp Feature:  The built in NOV Soft Clamp feature applies minimal clamp force while spinning in, enabling quicker make-up and break-out times, as well as increasing the life of today's high-performance connections.
    • Easy Installation:  The ST-100 easily installs on virtually any drill floor utilizing a single floor mounted socket.  The ST-100 works as easily at well center as it does at mousehole.  The 60" reach option can be installed directly into existing ST-80 and ST-80C sockets quickly, providing an easy upgrade to rig capability and performance with minimal (if any) rig floor modifications for rigs already using ST-80 and ST-80C's.


    Key Features:

    • The patented scissor-arm design uses the NOV Timing Link providing ease of maintenance and extended tool life
    • ST-100 Transfer Barrier allows the machine to deploy at the same location every time
    • NOV Soft Clamp feature applies minimal clamp force while protecting the life of tool joints
    • The ST-100 is equipped with slewing and rotating capabilities to utilize mouseholes
    • The ST-100 installs on virtually any drill floor and comes with a 5' or 8' reach option, eliminating the need for socket extenders

    Improved Safety:

    • The ST-100 was put through a rigorous 200,00 cycle test representing five (5) years in the field, proving the durability, ruggedness, and high performance standards of NOV quality products
    • Remote Option employs the Object Detection Diffuse Sensor that detects movements and performs an automatic machine shutdown
    • Ergonomic, intuitive controls feature an emergency stop button located on the control panel for easy access to manual shutdown
    • Available with remote options distancing personnel from drill floor hazards


    Assembly Weight

    10,500 lbs (4,763 kg)

    Hydraulic Requirements

    35 GPM @ 2,500 psi (132 LPM @ 172 bar) min

    55 GPM @ 3,000 psi (208 LPM @ 207 bar) max

    Tubular Connection OD Range

    4" to 9¾"

    Spin Speed

    80 RPM (nominal on 5" DP, 45 GPM, 170 LPM)

    Spin Torque

    3,000 ft-lbs (4,070 Nm)

    Maximum Make-Up Torque

    100,000 ft-lbs (135,582 Nm)

    Maximum Break-Out Torque

    120,000 ft-lbs (162,698 Nm)

    Connection Height

    30" to 66" (762 mm to 1,676 mm)

    Horizontal Travel

    60" (1,524 mm) Standard; 96" (2,438 mm)Optional

    Vertical Travel36" (914 mm)

    Casing Ready