• Traveling Blocks

    National Oilwell Varco Traveling Blocks From Dreco™, National™, and Ideco™ include the largest sizes in the drilling industry.


    • National Oilwell Varco designs and produces the highest quality and field proven traveling blocks from proven brand names, including Ideco, Dreco, and National. 
    • NOV Traveling Blocks are available in multiple weight sizes and load ratings to fit your drilling operation's requirements. 
    • Dreco Traveling Blocks include the largest sizes used in the drilling industry. Dreco API sheaves, with hardened grooves, are independently mounted on tapered roller bearings.  Additionally, Dreco traveling blocks can be furnished unitized with a hook to provide a short, compact design.
    • National Type H traveling blocks are offered with five sheave sizes and five load ratings.  The sheaves are independently mounted on double-row tapered bearings which minimize friction.  Flame-hardened rope grooves in the sheaves are machined in accordance with API recommendations and each sheave is a one-piece steel casting assuring longer sheave life and elimination of rim cracks.


    • Heavy steel fabricated main frame
    • Heavy wireline guards
    • Steel sheaves with flame hardened API wireline grooves
    • Tapered roller bearings in sheaves
    • Oil quenched and tempered alloy steel pin with individual grease passages to each center pin bearing
    • High strength steel becket
    • Designed to API Standard 8A


    DRECO Traveling Block Specifications


    Load Capacity

    # of Sheaves

    Approx. Weight

    424SHB-100110.3 ton (100 mT)4    5,700 lb (2,586 kg)
    436TB-150150 ton (136.1 mT)46,000 lb (2,722 kg)
    536TB-250250 ton (226.8 mT)56,450 lb (2,926 kg)
    542TB-350350 ton (317.5 mT)58,575 lb (3,890 kg)
    650TB-400400 ton (362.9 mT)613,525 lb (6,135 kg)
    650TB-500500 ton (453.6 mT)615,725 lb(7,133 kg)
    660TB-500500 ton (453.6 mT)617,000 lb (7,711 kG)
    760TB-650650 ton (589.7 mT)720,250 lb (9,185 kg)
    760TB-750750 ton (680.4 mT)721,500 lb (9,752 kg)
    860TB-10001,000 ton (907.2 mT833,325 lb (15,116 kg)
    872TB-12501,250 ton (1,134 mT)843,750 lb (19,845 kg)