• Masts

    Bringing together leading rig designers and manufacturers such as DRECOTM, IRI, Continental Emsco and DSI, we have the unique ability to provide necessary solutions for even the most demanding and custom rig applications.

    Our masts are in service worldwide in every drilling environment. Whether it be dealing with extreme environmental conditions, designing a completely custom rig or just upgrading your current equipment, we have a wide variety of standard mast designs and the experience and engineering power to develop innovative and custom designs.

    Masts for our comprehensive portfolio of standard rig offerings include:

    • Cantilever masts
    • Bootstrap masts
      • The mast is assembled vertically on the rig floor. Once the bottom boot section and top section are in place, the remaining mast sections are inserted into the mast based and safely telescoped sequentially.
    • Telescoping masts
      • The mast is transported horizontally and brought to vertical position during rig-up. Then, the inner sections of the mast embedded in the outer bottom section telescope up to working position.
      • Check out this mast on our Rapid, Vertical Slant, Desert and Arctic Rigs.






    • Straight-legged or tapered-legged configuration available
    • Single pin connected, no bolted connections for field moves
    • Patented back bracing reduces transport requirements
    • Patented rear shoe leveling arrangement eliminates need for jacks and shims
    • No internal plan bracing, reducing fouling of lines
    • Faster and easier rig-up and rig-down
    • Increased safety
    • Easier and less expensive transportation
    • Field-proven
    • Efficient
    • Improved maintenance


    • Hydraulic cylinders or the drawworks can be used for raising
    • Ideal for smaller substructures and sites with limited space for rig-up
    • Increased safety
    • Field-proven


    • Outer mast section is already assembled with inner telescoping mast sections
    • Hydraulic cylinders or the block can be used for raising
    • Ideal for highly mobile, small rigs
    • Faster rig-up and rig-down
    • Easier transportation
    • Field-proven
    • No need for cranes