• Custom Cooling Solutions

    Custom cooling systems for brakes and drawworks, top drives, winches, dynamic thrusters, electric systems, and quarters cooling.

    Custom Engineering, Layout and Design

    National Oilwell Varco engineers and custom manufactures quality cooling systems for brakes and drawworks, top drives, winches, dynamic thrusters, electric systems, and quarters cooling.  These systems can be equipped with horizontal or vertical pumping units and various tank designs to meet virtually any footprint requirement. NOV cooling systems are engineered to fully dissipate heat generated at continual operation.


    Multi-Plate Heat Exchanger

    A multi-plate heat exchanger provides the ability to precisely match the cooling capacity to the maximum heat load.  The plate sets can be made from either titanium or Hastelloy™ for offshore applications or stainless steel for land applications.  The heat exchanger can be opened and each plate cleaned individually to remove scaling and any foreign contaminants.  If a plate is damaged, the damaged plate and its mate can be removed and the heat exchanger reassembled with minimum cooling capacity loss and minimal downtime.  If the operational requirements change, the cooling capacity of the exchanger can be increased by adding additional plate sets.  NOV systems are available with single or redundant heat exchangers.


    Temperature Gauge, Water Level Indicator and Flow Indicator

    These systems feature a closed steel tank with water level indicator, drain and removable top.  The tank features a 2-inch fill connection, 8-inch atmospheric vent, and a 150-pound ANSI flat flange return connection.  The tank interior is coated with epoxy-based paint to prevent corrosion.  A 3” temperature gauge is mounted on the tank exterior to allow local monitoring.


    Redundant Pumping Units

    NOV cooling systems offer redundant pumping units to ensure system availability.  Check valves in each pump discharge line allow all butterfly valves to remain open and either pump to be activated without water pumping back through the second pump.  The two pumps are piped to allow 100% pump standby.  Lug type butterfly valves at the tank discharge allow for maintenance on equipment without draining the tank.  Bypass piping is incorporated into the system to allow bypass of the heat exchanger during cleaning and maintenance operations.


    Optional Monitoring and Alarm Systems

    NOV offers optional monitoring and instrumentation that can be fully integrated into any package, including wiring.  The safety protection package can include:

    • Explosion Proof Indicator Control Panel
    • Explosion Proof Temperature Gauge
    • Explosion Proof Low-Level Alarm
    • Explosion Proof Flow Indicator
    • Explosion Proof Horn
    • Explosion Proof Strobe Light
    • Explosion Proof Wireless Transmitters for water flow, temperature, pressure and level


    Optional Explosion Proof Starters

    The optional explosion proof starters are designed to protect against an internal explosion in hazardous gas environments.  Electronically measuring motor current directly from on board electronics and components gives several advantages over usual electromechanical relays.  Combination starters come with a Motor Circuit Protector or use a molded case switch for non-fusible disconnect applications.  The Motor Circuit Protector provides precise protection of motor circuits. If a fault occurs the Motor Circuit Protector can be easily and quickly reset after the fault has been cleared.


    Optional Thermostatic Valves

    Thermostatic valves are available in a wide variety of temperature ranges for water control applications.  Their self-contained and replaceable element activates within a small temperature range.  The valves are rugged, compact and can operate in any position.  Thermostatic valves come factory set and require no further adjustments.