• Blak-JAK Liner Retention System

    Reduced operational risk through safer fluid end maintenance procedures.

    The Mission Blak-JAK Liner Retention System consists of two cellular components for ease of use: the Lok-CEL™, which mechanically retains the liner while the pump is in operation, and the Hydra-CEL™, the removable hydraulic assist that places the Lok-CEL in tension while simultaneously placing the liner in compression.  NOV Mission's exclusive design improves fluid end maintenance procedures, reduces risk exposure, and speeds up liner change-out times.

    The Lok-CEL body and locking ring are manufactured from high-yield alloy steel. The sturdy design provides the ruggedness and durability required for today's high stress drilling environments.

    The Hydra-CEL structural body is manufactured from an aerospace aluminum alloy for reduced weight and is anodized for corrosion resistance.  It also comes equipped with a pressure relief valve that prevents over-pressurization and a large hydraulic ram for positive, metal-to-metal liner contact.  Best of all, there is only one Hydra-CEL to maintain rather than individual hydraulic assemblies which are found on some competing assemblies.

    The Blak-JAK Liner Retention System adds value through reduced hydraulic loading on the liner face, improved safety by eliminating heavy hammers, uniform liner clamping around the liner circumference, and reduced liner change-out times by as much as 75% as compared to OEM-style configurations.

    The Blak-JAK is available for specific National™, Oilwell™, and Continental Emsco™ pumps equipped with OEM or Mission “L” style fluid ends.  It can be ordered as original equipment on new pumps, as an individual system, or it can be specified as the liner retention on replacement modules.


    • Reduced operational risk through safer fluid end maintenance procedures
    • Reduced hydraulic loading by as much as 65% over competing designs
    • Simple compact design
    • Easy installation; no pump alteration required
    • No sledgehammers or special tools needed for operation
    • Positive, metal to metal liner clamping
    • Improved safety during liner change-out
    • Uniform liner clamping around full circumference
    • Eliminates liner washout due to loose liner seal