• Mission Supreme Piston

    Recommended for systems with oil or synthetic based mud.

    Standard oilfield piston proven over 75 years of reliable service.
    The Mission Supreme piston has been an oilfield standard since Dudley Sharp created and patented the design in 1940. The two piece design allows for rubber replacement at lower operating pressures, while the robust construction makes it suitable for running at pressures up to 7500 PSI.

    Multi-Condition Service
    In a very wide range of drilling conditions, the Mission Supreme piston can run in fluids from clear water up to heavy weight drilling mud.


    • Increased run times at operating pressures up to 7500 PSI
    • Consistent run times
    • Reduced cost per operating hour
    • Reduced maintenance and downtime
    • Can be used in clear water or seawater applications


    • Temperature resistance up to 225˚F (107˚C)
    • Can be operated in pressures up to 7500 psi
    • • Water, oil or synthetic based drilling fluids