• Titan Class 3-inch "B" Reset Relief Valve

    Minimum downtime for repair.

    The patented Titan Class 3-inch "B" Reset Relief Valve is designed to protect pumps from high pressure spikes and automatically snaps to a full open position when the set pressure is reached. The Titan Class B Reset Relief Valve comes equipped with a position release button that indicates, at a glance, whether the valve is open or closed. It is easy to adjust set pressure and reset, and allows pressure limitations to be increased while under pressure. The valve includes a rugged nickel allow 718 body insert and a hydraulically balanced cushioned piston. The bonnet, top-loaded piston, and seals can be removed while the body remains in line. This valve minimizes downtime and is easily repaired or rebuilt in the field. These valves are DNV certified.

    This line of valves has a threaded end. ISO 9001:2000



    • Bonnet and top-loaded piston and seals can be removed while body is in line
    • Minimum downtime for repair
    • New design improves seal life
    • Rugged nickel alloy 718 body insert
    • Innovative seal design to increase the number of resets without seal replacement
    • Easy to adjust set pressure and reset
    • Settings can be increased under pressure
    • Hydraulically balanced and cushioned piston




    Set Pressures   400-1500 psi      (Assembly P/N 33000-03
     750-2500 psi       (Assembly P/N 33000-01
     1500-5000 psi(Assembly P/N 33000-02
    Flow AreaCv = 148 
    Temperature Rating   

    -20⁰ - 250⁰ F (-29⁰ - 121⁰ C)

    U.S. Patent No.5,715,861