• Mission Titan BX Automatic Reset Relief Valve System

    Only air-operated, fully automatic reset relief valve on the market that fails open.

    NOV Mission’s Titan BX reset relief valve is the only air-operated, fully automatic reset relief valve on the market that fails open. When pump pressure exceeds set pressure, the Mission Titan BX reset relief valve automatically opens through an electronic system.  After a time delay pre-selected by the operator, the valve will automatically close using instrument air pressure, eliminating the need for manual reset. In the event that the rig loses power, air, or mud pressure, the valve will automatically open.

    The unit is ISO 9001:2000 and ABS type approved.

    The Mission Titan BX Automatic Reset Relief Valve system consists of 1-6 valves, one pilot valve box per valve, one mud cup transducer per valve, and one control panel for the entire system.



    Valve Assembly

    • Easily serviced through the bonnet end without removing valve from the line
    • Valve operates using instrument air pressure greater than 95 psi
    • Titanium piston cap and seal retainer ring add extra durability and life to the valve
    • Piston position indicator
    • Minimal number of parts required for field repair
    • Actuator completely removes piston from flow path
    • Accuracy within less than 1% of full rated work pressure
    • System comes complete with oilfield rated, high-level output pressure transducer
    • Air pressure locked in the air actuator assembly keeps the valve closed
    • Loss of rig air, power, or mud pressure automatically opens the valve
    • Mud pressure energizes the main seal and reduces leakage and premature washout of the seal retainer and piston
    • Studded API 3-1/16 (BX154) 10,000 psi end connections
    • Standard 1502 connections and API flanges available
    • Pilot valve box attaches to the side of the valve

    Control Panel Assembly

    • Compact design (12 inches x 10 inches) allows it to be mounted anywhere on the rig
    • Consists of programmable transmitter and air solenoid valve
    • One enclosure can operate 1 – 6 valves
    • Safe area and Zone 2 enclosures are available
    • Automatic or manual control option provides flexibility in pressure management and valve control
    • Push and hold button to activate the touch screen feature
    • External lights tell the operator which valves are open or closed
    • External siren and horn signal the operator when a valve is opened
    • External PLC touch screen eliminates the need to open the main enclosure when setting or resetting the valves
    • External PLC simulation option allows for remote monitoring of the valves
    • Wireless connections provide unlimited options
    • Doors on the control box can be locked by key to avoid unauthorized entry


    Set Pressures

    0 - 10,000 psi

    Flow Area

    5.295 in²

    Service Type



    Available upon Request

    U.S. Patent No.

    *Patent Pending


    Temperature Ratings



    -22°F - 200°F (-30°C - 93°C)

    Control Panel

    32°F - 104°F (0°C - 40°C)



    Valve Packages
    M991001106    Titan BX Safe Area 2 Valve Complete Package
    M991001107    Titan BX Safe Area 3 Valve Complete Package
    M991000795    Titan BX Safe Area 4 Valve Complete Package
    M991001108    Titan BX Safe Area 5 Valve Complete Package


    Spare Parts

    Part number    Spare Parts
    M991001161    Titan BX Spare Parts Kits (Includes all below)
    H44801             Ring Gasket API-6A BX-154-S
    44108               Titan BX Body Insert
    44109               Titan BX Main Piston Cap
    44111               Titan BX Main Piston
    44112               Titan BX Main Piston Back Insert
    44135               Titan BX Latch Indicator Pin
    44136               Titan BX Snap Retaining Ring F/Stem
    M9910000354  Titan BX Air Hose 1/2" x 40" 250 PSI
    44805               Titan BX Main Piston Cap Seal
    44806               Titan BX Back Insert Piston Seal
    44815               Titan BX Back Insert Piston Face O-Ring
    H44031            Titan BX Pneumatic Air Line Nipple
    H44802            Titan BX Body Insert Face Seal
    H44803            Titan BX Body Insert Outer Seal
    H44811            Titan BX Stem O-Ring
    44935               Titan BX Retainer Wrench Adaptor