• Manifolds

    Our various Manifolds suit all types of drilling installations like Semis, Drillships, Fixed Platforms, Jackups , Land Rigs and more.

    Built to meet on and offshore industry rules and regulations and often are customized to client’s specification. NOV can design complex solutions using most NOV parts such as gate valves, mud valves, check valves and plug valves combined with fittings, flanges, hubs and hammer unions, also made by NOV companies. We have a solution with fewer interfaces for the client. Brand names such as ANSON, MISSION, MD TOTCO and PROCON are taking care of clients various expectations of completed deliveries. NOV can design, engineer, manufacture, test and installation of complete manifold packages including in-house NOV local and remote operated panels outside or inside the driller’s cabin.

    The complete packages Manifolds in various types but some examples are:

    • Portable Well Test Manifolds
    • Underbalanced Drilling Manifolds
    • Mud Standpipe Manifold
    • Cement Manifold
    • Choke & Kill Manifold
    • Mud Gas Separator
    • Control System
      1. Local operation panel
      2. Remote operation panel

    Complete packages can also include the following parts:

    • Glycol injection unit
    • “Mud pump room” manifold
    • Mud rotary hose(s)
    • Cement hose
    • Choke and kill hoses
    • Mud booster hose
    • Loose HP valves, Choke valves, HP piping parts for installation in yard pipe work
    • Other types of manifolds
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