• Choke Control Panel - Dual Choke

    NOV’s dual choke control panels are designed and manufactured to market specifications using the highest quality materials and standards.

    NOV’s Choke control panels allow operators to precisely set choke valve position to complete operations utilising choke and kill manifold and are designed in accordance with relevent recognised oilfield equipment standards.


    Our easy-to-install dual choke control panel offers simple operation and maintenance within a small footprint providing a cost-effective option for land rig applications and overall ownership costs. Each of our standard choke control panels feature robust designs, and include these proven features and subcomponents:

    Choke Operation
    Dual Choke Valve Operation
    Pneumatic driven HPU for hydraulic operation c/w 45ltr Reservoir and inline filtration
    Panel mounted 4:3 valves for choke valve control
    Choke speed control valve for precise operation of actuators
    Meets API 16C closure time requirements

    Hydraulic Hand Pump
    Allows choke operation in the event of rig pneumatic failure
    Easy access via choke control panel front hinged doors

    20 Ltr Accumulator
    Hydraulic pressure available on demand for choke operation
    Stores hydraulic pressure for choke operation in the event of emergency
    Easy access accumulator isolation valve
    Nitrogen Pre-Charge Kit Supplied

    Digital Displays Units
    Manifold pressure indication, 0.5% Accuracy, 4-20mA Signal.
    Choke valve position indication, 0-100% Display, 4-20mA Signal.
    Mud pump stroke counter displaying up to 4 pumps
    Output signals available via remote Exd JB for secondary monitoring system

    Gauge Displays
    Monitoring of system pneumatic and hydraulic pressures

    Ruggedized Enclosure Design
    316 stainless steel
    Easy accessed lower front hinged doors
    Lid c/w gas struts and mechanical stop
    Removable back panel for maintenance access
    Pull tested @ 1.5 x SWL
    Bolt down holes allowing secure fixing to rig floor

    Optimized Design for Transport
    Reduced weight and footprint to allow for standard freight options

    Aftermarket Service
    Key operational spares stored at locations globally to ensure 24-hour support

    Competitive Delivery
    Choke Control Panel packages supplied to competitive delivery times

    Choke Control Systems can be configured to meet customer specific requirements upon request


    Hydraulic Operating pressure1,950psi
    Ambient Operating Temperature-20°C to +55°C
    Rig Air Requirements80 - 100psi
    Electrical Power Requirements120/230VAC @ 1380W
    Actuator TypeHydraulic (Piston Design)
    Choke Valve ModelMPX-40D / HXE
    Hydraulic Output7.5 ltr/min (Max.)
    Certified Exe Junction BoxControl Panel Terminations
    Certified Exd Junction BoxSignal Processing – Remote Mounted
    Dimensions1481mm x 1295mm x 889mm
    Weight425 kg.
    Design BasisAPI 16C
    Manufacturing Facility CertificationISO 9001
    Hydraulic CleanlinessSystem Flushed to ISO 4406 17/15/12