• LXT™ Ram Blowout Preventer

    The LXT Ram Blowout Preventer is a smaller BOP Stack with unmatched shear capacity, increasing reliability and safety.

    Shaffer® has developed a new preferred-offering LXT™ Ram-type hydraulically operated blowout preventer. The LXT™ is available in two bore sizes, 7" and 11". The 11" is available in single and double configurations, while the 7" is offered as a single blowout preventer. The LXT™ design incorporates the quick access, opening and closing, "boltless door" assembly (US Patent 5,897,094/5,975,484) for faster, safer and more reliable ram changes. The unit utilizes twin lock bars to manually lock and unlock the door/bonnet from the BOP body. The manual lock process is accomplished by pulling two individual round lock bars to disengage the operator. The groove and lock bar pairs are located both above and below the ram cavity, spanning the interface between the door/bonnet and the BOP body. Ram change accessibility is accomplished by sliding the operator away from the body along two support rods. Ram removal is accomplished by sliding the ram from the ram shaft foot and manually removing or, for the 11" LXT™, sliding the ram from the ram shaft foot and onto a ram extraction tool that pivots around the BOP operator, allowing overhead access to the ram block.



    • 7" and 11'' bore sizes; 5,000/3,000 psi working pressure
    • 5,000 psi rated flanged or studded outlets for each cavity: 2 1/16" outlets available for both the 7" and 11" bore sizes; 3 â…œ" outlets available for the 11" bore size
    • Manual lock cylinders: 8 ½" for the 11" LXT and 5" for the 7" LXT
    • Available with or without stainless steel lined ring grooves
    • Secondary ram shaft packing optional for the 7" and standard for the 11" LXT
    • Manufactured in accordance with API Specification 16A, Third Edition, June 2004 and NACE MR0175 per API Specification 16A, Temperature T20.

    Boltless BOP Doors:

    In the area of drilling and safety, the LXT incorporates the boltless BOP door/bonnet locking system design, which enables opening and closing of the BOP doors/bonnets. On the 11" LXT, the ram extraction tool that pivots around the BOP door/bonnet allows for overhead access to the ram block, eliminating the need to open both doors/bonnets on a double when changing rams.

    Improved Safety:

    Less manpower is required to service the BOP, and risks of injuries related to BOP ram access are reduced.

    Reduced Time for Ram Changes:

    Simple extraction of the two lock rods is accomplished without special tools in significantly less time than it takes to break out and re-torque conventional door bolts. The 11'' (279 mm), 5,000 psi LXT utilizes a one piece ram block assembly; however, the LXT and LWS™ (T-70) ram blocks are fully interchangeable across both LXT™ and LWS™ platforms (pipe rams and multi-rams). The 7" (178 mm), 5,000 psi LXT™ ram blocks are fully interchangeable with the Chasovoy® ram blocks (pipe rams).


    • Smaller size (length and height)
    • Lighter weight
    • Improved safety (no hammering bolts in confined areas)
    • Ram changes in under two minutes
    • Easy ram access for faster and easier ram servicing
    • Lower manufacturing cost (simpler design)
    • Standard H2S service
    • Interchangeable ram block