NOV's T3™ SAR™ cuts through pipe and casing regardless of position within the wellbore.

    The self-centering design alleviates the concern of off-center drill pipe. The patented SAR blade technology has shown an approximate 35% reduction of force required to shear pipe. The NOV T3 SAR reduces well control exposure during complicated completions and is an innovative, rugged shearing solution that enhances the safety of your rig and your crew.



    • Accomplishes multiple shearing operations with minimum effect on shearing performance
    • Sweeps 100% of the BOP through bore
    • Shear rams impede flow and clears bore allowing upper blind ram to close and seal
    • Has demonstrated the ability to shear 5½" drill pipe that is fixed to the side of the bore



    • Robust bonnet design operates with hydraulic pressure up to 5,000 PSI
    • Easy install on model 6012 RAM BOP
    • Shears up to 11¾" diameter casing in 13s" bore BOP
    • Supplies 1.01 million pounds of shearing force @ 4,500 PSI hydraulic pressure
    • Only requires 19.2 gallons to function bonnets
    • Easy to service in the field
    • Sealed hydraulic system
    • Internally ported hydraulics
    • Field tested, proven design