• BOP Transporter

    The NOV patented BOP Transporter delivers unparalleled safety and efficiency in land rig BOP stack handling.


    With the BOP stack secured to the elevator, pendant movement is eliminated during tilt, lift, side to side, and rotary motion, easing the difficulty in stack alignment and allowing the BOP to be moved, tested, and set at the well center without breaking down the stack. Simple hydraulic controls with wireless remote capabilities keep personnel safely away from these dangerous operations.

    The BOP Transporter can be described in four basic systems:

    1. Tracks - Steel track sections interface with the base boxes of the rig and make alignment at well center simple.
    2. Transport Cart - A robust cart design holds and protects the BOP during rig moves and is able to be tail boarded directly onto the tracks during rig-up. The cart includes hydraulically powered trolleys to drive the stack into and out of well center.
    3. Tilt/Lift Frame - The tilt and lift frames include simple adjustable clamps to provide compatibility for a wide variety of BOP stack configurations. The tilt frame brings the stack from horizontal to vertical, and the lift frame gives the ability to adjust to differing well head heights.
    4. Remote Controls - Optional remote controls allow the operator to control the stack movement from a safe location with greater visibility. The combination of these basic systems creates a simple and reliable machine to meet your BOP handling needs.


    • Test Stump 13%" 10,000 PSI working pressure with 4 ½" IF tool box
    • Koomey® Model SE-1 OT Portable Testing Unit
    • Koomey® Model STR-10 Stand Mounted Chart Recorder