• 14-P-220 Triplex Mud Pump

    National Oilwell Varco provides smooth Triplex performance and high efficiency from the 14-P-220 Mud Pump.

    • Performance: An advanced fluid end design gives exceptionally smooth Triplex performance. This unique design facilitates fast inspection and easy servicing. 
    • Flexibility: Compact engineering provides higher efficiency in less space. The pump's light weight and flexible design make it easily adaptable to a variety of rig configurations. This provides flexibility as drilling requirements and conditions change.
    • Fluid End Modules: NOV offers a choice of fluid end modules and valve covers for every P Series pump model to select the fluid end module that exactly matches drilling requirements. All pump models can be equipped with either the standard or premium forged, two-piece interchangeable fluid modules.


    Power End: 

    • Fabricated steel frame construction 
    • One-piece forged steel construction crankshaft, connecting rods and pinion shaft 
    • Adapability to a variety of drive arrangements on either side or both sides 
    • Premium roller bearings to enhance smooth performance and efficiency 
    • Pressurized lubrication system standard on 14-P-220 model 

    Fluid End:   

    • Two-piece modular cylinder design is completely interchangeable between modules 
    • Fast Change™ screw-type valve covers which facilitate quick removal and installation are standard 
    • Suction manifold can be equipped with front or side inlet connections 
    • Discharge piping connects from either side
    • Piston and liner chambers are easily accessible and fully open
    • Two-piece piston rod construction allows removal of piston without disturbing liner
    • Easy-to-operate clamps give positive locking for liners and piston rod assemblies
    • Spray system cools and lubricates piston and liner surfaces


    Height, floor to center of front inlet suction, inches (mm)

    19-7/8" (505)

    Height, floor to center of discharge, inches (mm)

    49-1/4" (1251)

    Overall length over skids, inches (mm)

    218-1/4" (5544)

    Width over frame, inches (mm)

    91" (2311)

    Width over pinion shaft, inches (mm)

    125-3/4" (3194)

    Height, floor to top of gear case, inches (mm)

    84-1/4" (2139

    Height over fluid cylinders, inches (mm)

    69-1/8" (1756)

    Max. input, horsepower (kW)

    2200 (1640)

    Rated pump speed, spm


    Maximum fluid cylinder line bore*, inches (mm)

    9" (228.6)

    Stroke, inches (mm)

    14" (355.6)

    Hydrostatic test pressure of standard fluid cylinders, psi (kg/cm²)

    10,000 (703)

    Ratio of gears


    Suction connection, ASA-150 lb. R.J. flange, inches


    Discharge connection, cross w/API-5000 lb. R.J. flange, inches


    Valve pot, API number


    Weight-complete, less sheave, lbs. (kg)

    86,000 (39,007)