• SoftSpeed II

    NOV's SoftSpeed II uses the latest and patent pending technology to cure and prevent torsional stick-slip oscillations of the drill string.

    SoftSpeed II from National Oilwell Varco is a top drive enhancement that helps reduce stick-slip oscillations. It is the result of an extensive research program including field tests and Hardware-In-the-Loop simulation tests.

    Q: Does SoftSpeed II only work on specific top-drives?
    A: SoftSpeed II will work on any NOV top drive, with either AC or DC drive.

    Q: How does the driller control SoftSpeed?
    A: SoftSpeed II can be integrated into existing drilling screens on the Amphion or Cyberbase integrated control systems. For standalone systems, SoftSpeed can be operated from its own HMI screen mounted near the driller’s console.

    Q: How does SoftSpeed work?
    A: SoftSpeed II modifies the top drive controller to cure and prevent stick-slip. The system automatically identifies and mitigates stick-slip by varying the top drive RPM accordingly, significantly improving drilling performance.

    Q: What is stick-slip?
    A: Stick-slip is defined as the severe, self-sustained periodic fluctuations of the drill string torque, driven by non-linear downhole friction, and characterized by large bit speed variations. Stick-slip has been identified as a leading source of poor drilling performance, due to fatigue failures, excessive bit wear, damage to MWD/RSS tools, and poor ROP.

    Contact: SoftSpeed@nov.com



    • Severity of stick-slip indication
    • Dampens and prevents stickslip oscillations
    • Inhibits both 1st and 2nd modes stick-slip
    • Estimates bit rotation speed
    • An automatic analyzer finds optimal parameters


    • Easy to operate
    • Improves the bore hole quality
    • Improves ROP
    • Reduces axial and transversal drill string vibrations
    • Reduces bit wear
    • Reduces drill string fatigue
    • Minimizes unnecessary bit trips
    • Provides bit speed estimation
    • Decreases drilling costs  


    • Works with both AC and DC top drives
    • Interfacing to existing SCR or VFD drive system
    • Uses a tuned and optimized SoftSpeed-based speed controller
    • No additional sensors needed
    • Can be controlled from a separate screen or integrated into an exiting one